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Found 5 results

  1. Question: why there are no Air Reconnaissance and observation missions in WW2 game setting within Combat Mission games? Modern era games are providing different kinds of drones. But back in the days during WW2 Air Reconnaissance was a big thing. As far as I know, we dont have any Air Reconnaissance within WW2 games here right? I've started thinking about it after watching videos such as this one: I think it would be a great addition to WW2 setting.
  2. Cross posting from the CMAK forum because we might be seeing a problem in the CMBB OPERATION To the Volga. Has anyone else noticed whether weather has an impact on the continued availability of air support during operations? Our concern is that one battle of non-clear weather (or night) might prevent the air support from showing up for ensuing daytime battles that have clear weather. If so, then Operations should always have air support built into the reinforcements. The manual seems tacit on this.
  3. I just noticed earlier this week that in CMFB almost all HQ units can request airstrikes. Even the 81mm mortar platoon HQ. In the other WWII titles you need an F/O to request air support. I don't often use air in the WWII titles so I am a little rusty on the details. I wonder if this was intentional? Maybe by this point in WWII Platoon HQs were calling in airstrikes? Not a grog so I don't know but it surprised me when I had a HQ unit selected and noticed the aircraft tab in the support panel was highlighted. I looked it up in the v3.01 Engine Manual page 73 and it reads: WW2 air support will prowl the battlefield independently, without the player being able to command them. The CMFB Game Manual page 71 reads: Air support cannot be directed to attack specific targets. Aircraft will roam the battlefield and attack targets of their choosing. This "roaming the battlefield" is only true in CMRT so no help from the Engine Manual or the Game Manual. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi, I'm playing a mission, NATO side, and am given UAV's and Apache air support. At the moment one of my UAV's spotted two Russian IFV's, within 100 meters of each other. When calling in the air support, via the UAV operator (a Fire Control Team), does it matter if I use point targets on the IFV's (so two separate fire-missions, + 2 times waiting time) or an area target (including both IFV's in a single fire mission). My big question is; does one or the other way, makes a difference in spotting and/or engaging (air support wise) the IFV's. And does the area mission reduce the chances of engagement enough to justify the use of two separate point fire-missions, + 2 times waiting time? Thanks in advance!
  5. When directing a multi-aircraft strike with one JTAC, it is irritating when aircraft break off due to being unable to find a target and -- due to the one strike restriction in place -- cannot be brought back into play. As for solutions: 1) Aircraft in a multi-aircraft strike will not break off as long as at least one aircraft spots something, i.e. all or nothing. Either they all break off due to failure to spot targets or they all stick around to continue hunting. 2) A special status like "HOLDING" enabling them to be either re-directed by the original JTAC or snapped up by another available JTAC. 3) Remove the one strike restriction. 4) Allow unassigned aircraft to seamlessly join a strike already in progress.
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