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Found 2 results

  1. I know that the concept of this game relates late 2000s. And I know it is about Western action against Syrian tyranic regime. But for the sake of the game it would good to add one more module. Adding Russia to this game would bring a new challenge - a new life to the game. It would give opportunity to simulate battles between NATO, US and Russia. It would be more up to date and I think that this would lead to more copies being sold. This game is already huge and at this point adding one module would not hurt (in my opinion). Just think about all those missions, and campaigns that will be created by the community. I don't think that the development team would need to work on anything - they could simply port some (not all) units from the CMBS. It would give us all a chance to simulate clashes of a different level. What do you thing @Bootie @Erwin @Battlefront.com? P.S. Do not get me wrong - I am NOT supporting russian involvement in Syria. All I'm saying is that it would add some spiciness for the OPFOR side and it would be a nice for the sake of battles. Again - I'm not supporting russian actions in Syria as well as I'm strongly against tyrannic regime of bashar assad (not going to waste a capital letters for his name). So I guess my question is - is this possible in theory to see another module for this game since it is one of the biggest games in CM history. Thank you. P.S. P.S. All the photos that I've provided here as visualization are provided for supporting the idea that I've described here. I'm not charmed or excited by any of those images. Those are visualizations and I'm NOT supporting actions of russia and its puppets in Syria. P.S. P.S. P.S. In case if Russia as an idea would not work - would the development team consider adding Iran (due to recent escalations) as an alternative? Why? To have more advanced and more challenging enemy to confront while fighting on blue side against red side. Thank you for your time, comments and thoughts gentlemen.
  2. First there was Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy, then there was Combat Mission: Red Thunder and now there is Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg. I think that Both CMBN and CMRT combined contain most of the opponents fighting each other in Europe during the Second World War. In the Combat Mission: Final Blitzkrieg base game there is only US Army, German Heer, German Luftwaffe, and German Waffen-SS present. I sure hope there will come an addon, or addons, to the Final Blitzkrieg which makes all the other armies present too? There was of course also Combat Mission: Fortress Italy. But as the Italians had surrendered by the time of CMFB that game isn't included above. I've only played the demo to Final Blitzkrieg and will soon play the demos for the other three WWII games. But I already feel that if there will be an addon, or addons, to Final Blitzkrieg, which gives the buyers of the game access to the major armies, there will be opportunities to make custom made scenarios similar to the most interesting and fun scenarios from CMBN, CMFI and CMRT.
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