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  1. The battles selection is weak as well. A large portion of them are just the campaign broken apart. We have 8 training missions that occur on the same maps for 4 different years. Why? Do we really need 4 Kreigsbergs? LoL! Feels like just filling space. The rush to get this out is clearly evident.
  2. I wasn't being nasty at all as a long time customer. I was pointing out a definite quality control issue. For a company that wants their games to reach as a large of an audience as possible (steam), they have to do better. To say you didn't have enough times to even open up and read the briefings says everything. You should be embarrassed to admit that in a public forum. To use the excuse that is was rushed is also lame. When the restaurant F's up your meal because they were rushed, I am sure you don't take the same attitude. I could have proofed all those briefings in a single evening. Sorry, not buying it. I can read 30 students papers in a hour and their grammar and spelling is atrocious. By the way I do enjoy the game. The graphics engine is at the end though. Can't see myself investing in another game after this if it is the same engine.
  3. So many errors....words I have seen: Exscape, invaision, attemp and those are just from the battle load screen. Once you get into the briefing it's nuts. Please tell me you didn't pay someone to write it? Next time look to tens of thousands of customers. I am sure someone here would proofread before release for a fee copy of the game.
  4. I have been with the company since some of their first games. I will start by saying this is the sloppiest release I have ever seen. Has anyone at Battlefront actually played this game? I mean really played it. Like read the briefings start to finish? Who proofed the briefings? Certainly not a grown adult. I feel like some of the briefings are story being told by a 4th grader. Not the level of excellence we have seen in all previous briefings in games. They are full of grammatical errors and incomplete sentences. I get the impression they were written by a non- English speaker. I teach 4th grade writing and math and I just couldn't shake that I was reading a very novice writers writing. Take some pride gentlemen.
  5. A year later. I disagree and did tests. Jacking everything up and turning trees to low, gets the best draw.
  6. During install, it keeps stopping at two files that it appears not to be able to locate. C:/user/gless/appdata/local/temp/7zo03BDCD.../*.brz and a similar file that appears next. I can skip them (not recommended or roll back) When I skipped them, it crashed before the start screen telling me it can't locate the above files. Anyone have a go at this?
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