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  1. Are you kidding me?!?! 646 "new" scenarios?! This is... just amazing! Thanks alot! Hmm... now I just have to get rid of my wife.. and my work.. and my friends.. and CMFI, CMFB, CMRT, CMBN, CMCW, CMBS, and Arma3, and.. (Why the hell did I only see this thread today? Tomorrow, my wife is coming back from vacation ... *! # @% )
  2. All Vehicles are now done in all variants. If someone has installed an older version of the mod, please replace it with this one. All textures have been revised to give them a more uniform image. Note: For example, if someone wants to use Variant 2 as a "winter / autumn texture", he has to replace all textures with "...[cold].bmp", with the texture "...[cold].bmp" from the variant 2. Not sure if that works, but i think you can add the [cold] to vehicle-textures that don't have a cold texture file, in order to obtain some uniformity. (not tested) I will always link the latest version of the mod files in my signature, because unfortunately you cannot edit the posts or links here. The textures for the M2 Bradley and M1 Abrams are retextured from @dpabrams Link to the Modfiles to put in the Z-Folder: NATO Vehicles all V1-4 V1: V2: V3: V4: @dpabrams
  3. Hi Eric Woow! Thanks for the cool pics. Awesome! The colour scheme must not be "historically correct" for me. (I know, that's almost a no go in the BF forums) It just has to look good (but not totally wrong) for me. This is something I like a lot in WW2 camos, they were often "handmade" by the Crew. (At least on the German side.. afaik) I have started a new Topic in the Mod section. New Files will be linked there.
  4. Thank you Cpt. Miller. The textures in the link are just a demo, to see how the color changes are looking for all vehicles. Now I am doing the details, in better quality, for the 4 variants V1, V3, V4, V6. They now have new names, V1-4. V1 NEW = V1 on the First Pic in this topic. V2 NEW = V3 on the First Pic in this topic. V3 NEW = V4 on the First Pic in this topic. V4 NEW = V6 on the First Pic in this topic. I will post them in the Mod subforum. This topic should be there anyway, but I didn't saw the Mod subforum when I created this topic. The above is what I meant with V2 (was v3). I can't write/speak well in english. Not my main language, and I never learned it. But I can read it very well.
  5. Still needs som work, but a first impression. The Bradley and the M1 is "retextured" from @dpabrams. If you don't want that I use your Skins, please tell me and i will remove them. V1: Screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ycVsQ6ODmBHI3iA862FfajjeNAH6CjB0/view?usp=sharing V2 (was V3): Screenshot https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AShc7wFJ-lzUEckkKKCcQuPiRc78_K9K/view?usp=sharing If I find the time, i will do V4 and V6 too. Put in the Z-Folder: V1 & V2 BETA Btw... is there a option to increase the file size for pictures here? And why can't i edit my posts?
  6. Nice Pics, thanks. So, historically the M1 and M2/3 had no camo pattern in CW-Times? I saw that dpabrams has made this wonderful skins for the Bradley and Abrams. If I could implement them, the overall look would be achieved. (For me personally more important then "historically correct")
  7. That's a good point. I think I'll have to skin different vehicles to see what it looks like overall. (Bradley, M113) Abrams is difficult... Maybe change it back to plain green M1. The Plan is to change them all, so that they look uniformly. But then there are the special cases M1, M2 & M3... Battlefront, why? @all, thanks for the feedback.
  8. Thank you CptMiller. All variants for all Vehicles would be a bit.. too work intensive. So if you can choose, which one should it be?
  9. Thank you for your opinions. It doesn't have to be historically correct, that would be too difficult to achieve, with just changing colors in the standard textures. -V1 is a bit like the swedish vehicle-camo. It looks a bit bright compared to the others, but ingame it looks nice. (at least in my opinion) -V2 Is a bit meh! Nothing really special. -V3 Is my favourite, i just hope that I can achive the same look for all vehicles... -V4 Is a bit too "plastic toy" -V5 Has a very good camouflage, it will be difficult to see the tank on the map.. -V6 Looks "realistic", but isn't. I tend to v3 or v6. I think I'll do v1 too, because it's very easy to change.
  10. Hello I would like to change the standard NATO textures for the vehicles. I don't like that brown! Have made some variants, but I can't decide which one I should go for.. What do you guys think? Here is the Link to the Z-Zip, if someone wants to try it out "in real". (put it in the z-Folder, you should know how to change the Variants..) https://drive.google.com/file/d/135-GYcmEoIJ2UPsuIyQmroaXO2Ss4Ulr/view?usp=sharing
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