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  1. When playing around in the scenario editor, I have been having trouble with Mi-24 Hinds using their ATGM's effectively. They all miss with the missiles hitting outside of the map.
  2. Keeping the vehicles unbuttoned, and especially with an infantry team close by has made them a lot more deadly, more-so in the early timeframe. They are certainly less versatile than the equivalent US vehicles, but I have been getting better results with the BRDMs already.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. I was keeping my ATGM vehicles several hundred meters behind the front line, and I was not making proper use of the command teams or of close by infantry. I will try to keep some dismounts close for spotting. I hope this improves my luck.
  4. Hello everyone. I have been having trouble getting good results with the AT-3 and AT-5 armed BRDMs in the anti tank battery, as well as the AT-6 armed MT-LB Shturms. They seem to have very poor spotting, and very poor situational awareness. Are there ways to mitigate these issues?
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