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  1. Section III in Chapter 2 of FM 3-21.8 The Infantry Platoon and Rifle Squad gives some insight how the US Army seeks to avoid danger to the own troops when engaging the enemy. Somewhere else there's also a table showing minimum distances to fire lanes to avoid that the own soldiers are endangered by the sabots discarded by armor penetrating ammunitions. I think for a Bradley its somewhere around 70 meters lateral offset and for tank main guns it's much much more.
  2. Hello all, I have a quick question about the degradation of thermal imagers and night vision devices in Combat Mission. To my knowledge, regular night vision devices rely on residual light to function, so if there's no such light, there won't be a (usable) image. Atmospheric moisture, on the other hand, swallows IR energy real quick, rendering devices relying on infrared useless. So my question is, are these limitations factored in in the various Combat Mission titles? The reason for asking is that I am about to play an QB in Combat Mission Cold War against the AI, at night and in a downpour (not my choice, but given by the mission generator). In real life, the US forces would lose in such conditions some or all of their advantage they usually enjoy due to better night vision capabilities, but I am curious if that will be also the case here in the game. Thanks a lot in advance for any insights! Cepheus76
  3. Regarding the state of the US Army in the seventies and eighties, I found the opening chapters of Tom Clancy's "Armored Cav: A Guided Tour of an Armored Cavalry Regiment" to be an interesting read. I have to admit though, that I only read the free sample for the Amazon's Kindle, but the first two chapters promise a very informative read.
  4. Thank you all for your insights and head-ups for potential pitfalls!
  5. Hello all, Noob question here about AI behaviour a friend and I observed and I hope that someone can provide some guidance: When playing the Shock Force 2 Demo, sometimes units left, without being orderd so by a player, their assigned position in a building. This led to the obliteration of whole squads when they left cover and run into open areas which were covered by machine gun and automatic cannon fire. There was also a case when an ATGM-equipped BMP engaged a Leopard with its cannon instead of using the missile. Another issue occurred when a Syrian squad was ordered to pick up an anti-tank missile, which they did, and to engage a tank. According to my friend they picked up the weapon, moved into position, and then died with the launcher in hand because they didn't attack their target. We played on the Alamo map of the demo, in real time, my friend commanded the Syrian forces, and I had the German side. The issue with leaving buildings unbidden occurred mainly with the Syrian forces, but I also had one German guy showing this behaviour. I am not sure whether the issue with not engaging/ engaging with an inappropriate weapon is rooted in user error. However, the issue with leaving cover and running into the open is more than puzzling. Sadly, my friend is now permanently put off by these experiences and will probably not purchase the game. For my part, I am still convinced that this is a great game and will get myself the Cold War version when it is released. In any case, I would greatly appreciate if someone can shed some light on the issues I mentioned. Thanks in advance, Cepheus
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