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  1. uhh... Nope... nope not yet... just some.. uhh.. hypothetical scenarios... yes yes
  2. Wow, Major props to the devs. I was overwhelmed with the new options and scenarios that came with this. I've been playing for 2 hours already and had like 4 "holy cow that was awesome" moments. Also, when fighting in Berlin against volkssturm. You can funnel an entire company of submachine gunners down an alley and not have a single one hit or killed because of the sheer volume of fire that's pinning them down. Trust me... I did it.
  3. Man, a blessing from God! And I just finished my finals as well! 🙂
  4. "n-now Arthur, I told you we had a plan. We can't just run off back to our homes! We got to sit in these foxholes here and shoot our panzerfausts into the closest tank when the soviets attack. I swear after we win this war the whole company will visit to Tahiti!"
  5. Surprisingly, its been said that most veterans of the great war were actually eager to fight the Soviets unlike the other, much younger members, who were quick to desert as soon as the officers weren't looking to get back to their homes. But yeah, I feel bad for those old men.. Heh
  6. The MP507 Volksgewehr is mentioned in the TO&E section of FR, I am not so sure about the other ones however. Hopefully we will be able to see more crazy weapons used by the VS.
  7. I can agree that the idea of poorly armed militia isn't as interesting to many people, but for me, I don't know honestly. Maybe its the fact that the fighting forces of Germany have been reduced to scraping the bottom of the barrel to drag anyone that could hold a rifle into battle. A very stark contrast to the Panzer-grenadiers that were fighting on the frontline only a year prior. Also, I really like how the ones modelled in the screenshots have nothing more than suits and hats, it shows how underequipped they were against such a greater equipped and motivated foe. I would be doubly surprised if they even managed to code in some wearing helmets with their business suits.
  8. You are scaring me with how cryptic this seems. Either that or I can't take a hint 😁.
  9. We are in the Endgame now. 🙂 Volkssturm tears will be shed within the fortnight...
  10. Yeah I guess you are right. I have a inkling of fear that the 5 rounds that they are given to fight won't even be used if they get shelled by anything. If SF2 told me anything about militia battalions/low quality formations is that they really don't like staying in hard cover in the middle of heavy and long barrages
  11. Thanks bud and yeah I am from Canada.. Not as cool as Finland, but I do like the country a lot haha.
  12. Is anyone else excited for the Volkssturm? I've been thinking about their use in-game a lot recently and realized that the buddy system might not be the best thing for ammo recovery for these guys since each squad would be using rifles made in several different countries. Baha
  13. Bah! I've been checking my email daily for the past 2 months before I realized there was a forum to gawk and yell at.
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