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  1. wow these maps look incredible. just what i was hoping for. nicely done
  2. Hello! Looking to play PBEM of CMBN (all modules), CMRT or CMFB Have only played a few mp games DM me if interested!
  3. Thanks everyone! I really like the community! lol - purpheart23 ok you've convinced me -- may as well round out my collection!
  4. Yea, the value to me became apparent once I played! I regret nothing
  5. Literally never heard of this game until i saw it on Steam last year and i scoffed at the price at first. 5 months later I have purchased every single game and module except for CMFI, im going to buy it but my wallet lol Massive respect to the developers for creating something amazing, that seems tailored for me personally. I've been trying to get my friends to play but they arent tactical Sorry if this is a boring post but I heard a podcast with a gentleman from BF and he mentioned they were testing Steam out and just wanted to provide this feedback Stoked for F&T and CW
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