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  1. Is ok. I searched M60A1 RISE (PASSIVE) - TOE on CM site - on google images and only showed M60 with ERA, thought it was a thing in this game.
  2. Is there any news on CM Black Sea (Steam) update on bug corrections? (US infantry ammo bags, muzzleflash, and other stuff)
  3. Probably a hand full of people still play this, so anyway... Ok a update, i got a major victory! Tips: you have to use the mortar and the 6pounder to blow up some houses in the start, them advance with infantry, i took the town with few casualities and keep the HQ alive, them moved the mortars and 6p close to the church, with almost all myinfantry alive i moved to forest with the light tanks support, they smashed all german infantry in that wood, i started to get some casualities, them reached the flak 88, by that time the flak was surrounded with my infantry, one turn and they got rekt,
  4. Let me tell you a little story I always wanted to play CM series, but my currency is really bad, its really expensive to buy the game via-site, so i waited, i did played alot of other games in the meanwhile but i always keep CM in my mind. (i would guess 4 years, and i had to do other real life stuff to). So anyway, fast forward the Steam release, i bought CM2 full pack because for some reason it's really cheap to buy via-steam in my country. I live in Brazil, so, i would pay 600 reais for the CM2 full pack via site, but on steam i payed 150, the minimum wage here is 900 reais, for
  5. I know this is super old, but here we go... This scenario is super hard, i spend 5 hours today trying to win the germans and holy cow, got defeated everytime. Any tips on how to play it? I shouldnt have spend all this time in one scenario, btw, i started playing this game today :D
  6. The title. I'm about to buy the old entries on GOG, but, since the new ones are releasing on steam, do you guys think they will add the old ones on steam to? (Btw) Hi, it's my first post here
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