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  1. Not entirely sure about this one whether it is intentional or a scenario editor mishap as I haven't looked at the 1979 USA campaign, but in the 1982 version of the campaign, in Mission 1 — objective Whiskey has its main zone across the road and also has a single action square highlighted off to the east which appears erroneous. Screengrab attached.
  2. Good job getting through it and interesting that your M150 got sniped. When they appeared I split them north and south to get hull down positions over the entire length of the map almost, and already had an AA team close enough to them. Think I must have got lucky taking down the air support. In the end I managed a total victory, with no loss of M60 apart from the one that took a penetrating round to its main gun. I did lose an M113 and a full squad in my rather foolish push up the north flank good scenario! Time to try it from the Red side...
  3. You know I just received the M150s and I was looking at the right flank forest thinking I should have moved or maybe I will still move one of my M60s up there. Already have a M113 squad heading to the forest to try get some sneaky dragon shots off but it may be too late now as the Soviets are at the barns. I'll redo this one again some time with that in mind. I didn't really plan my defence much more than holding hull-down on the ridges as I didn't intend to complete this scenario this time around and I'm taking a bit of a bruising. Still have all but one M60 firing though so could be worse...
  4. Thanks, I suspected so but I'm no veteran of the WWII titles, only been playing around a year or so—still learning As I expected, as soon as I pressed play for the next move what I assume was a T72 round hit a tree and wiped one of the 2 squads entirely. Lesson learned! Managed to get the other one back safely. Will watch your AAR once I'm done to avoid spoilers
  5. Took the same approach as you, tried the training campaign first and got my arse handed to me rather quickly, so thought I'd try some quick missions. Managed to get a total victory on Direction Found, quite liked how simple it was and had some echoes of Team Yankee to it... a nice toe dipper. Coming back to 2 Fahrbahns though – I'm about 10/15 minutes in. M60s in hull down positions on the slopes, so far we've picked off quite a few T72 that are making their way across the plains and I've only lost one of the M60 to a penetrating round right through the gun so basically combat ineffective now. Thought I would try pushing up 2 squads in the M113 to the north woods with the hopes of being able to stick a few LAW in the sides of anything down there. Other 2 squads with the dragon are holding up in the forward buildings, but as you say nothing to shoot at so wondering if that was best placement for them. Coming from the WWII titles and this being my first 'modern' title I'm not too clued up on how to make best use of mech. inf. especially in a defence situation so will be interesting to see if this was a bad move on my part
  6. Finally got my first quick mission done last night after installing on release day and being kept busy over the bank holiday by the missus and some backpacking. Big congratulations and thanks to all involved, the immersion and attention to detail is incredible!
  7. Most likely being hugged to death by all of us eager beavers
  8. Just popping in with a simple thanks Bil for your work on bringing CMCW to us, blog and for these AARs that are always so extensively written and obviously take a lot of your free time. Looking forward to the future round write-ups. Using those M-150s as bait I wonder?
  9. West/East Germany and the Brits for me. Winter terrain and weather would also be a neat addition. A lot of folk make a good point about the Warsaw Pact, they all shared Soviet materiel and doctrine so visibly there wouldn't be too much of a difference. A stretch for one I'd like to see would be the Arctic regions. The Soviets planned to push deep into Scandinavia and Iceland to cut off the Iceland/Greenland/Norway blockade for their navy and as in Red Storm Rising use as forward airbases for Badger and Bear attacks on NATO convoys and installations. Could be an interesting what-if area to play around in, heavily forested and hilly with the wintery conditions making it a slog. A more modern Fortress Italy module in essence
  10. Oh boy, what a treat! Wanted this for a long time
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