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  1. thats a really nice panther reskin you have there jorge,is it possible to send me a link or something so that I can download this work of art?
  2. also report the missing elefant tank from the FR module while your at it
  3. so glad were getting more late war campaigns in cmrt keep it up!
  4. download link is broken you got another one? would like to check this out!
  5. yeah pretty sure you can expand it to all 98 people. kinda weird
  6. wtf! its actually here check your junk folder guys!
  7. nah, I wasn't around the forums then what happened to R2V?
  8. pre orders are not even supposed to last this long wth?
  9. "in 1944 the Soviets still managed to lose almost triple the number of German casualties suffered in the same year" soviets use sheer numbers over anything they dont care for their soldiers
  10. those words hit deep aragorn had to reflect on that hopefully you dont get banned dude you really stand up on whats what
  11. yeah srs wtf bfc its december already where are the pre orders at least where are our updates at least give us that on a weekly basis tbh i dont even think its coming out this year at least I got call to arms ostfront which unlike bfc I KNOW they are coming out with it this year kind of mind boggling whats going on here
  12. i have a 2060 super with a i9 dont get me wrong i love the game and and own 3 titles but the optimization is straight trash i read something on the forum about this and it had something to do with the engines limitations lol i even used msi afterburner to investigate more into this and to sum up im getting like a quarter of usage on my system
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