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  1. Yeah thanks Chuck, worked. What had happened is that I use my wife's PayPal and that has changed my profile details so it went to the wrong email address. So many websites are doing this now its a real pain and I should have checked it. Thx m8.
  2. Hi, I've just purchased (12 hrs ago) a copy of CMCW using PayPal but the order is still marked as 'pending' so I don't yet have a download link. Is there normally a delay on the digital link in an order? I did purchase a manual as well so is that holding up the digital link?
  3. Hi, I want to install my copy of CMBN on my laptop (WIN 10). When I try to load from either the disk or the downloaded CMBN.exe I get a dialog box saying "Error - UI not found". I've tried the disk and downloaded versions both get same message. Any ideas much appreciated. PS: I have all the addons DLC's plus updates to Engine 4 but if i cant get past the first .exe then I'm buggered.
  4. Its the eastern front, they are all shot!😜
  5. POSSIBLE BUG - PAK36 (37mm) The pak has a crew of 5 where most infantry guns have only 4. A Kubelwagon will tow the infantry guns but not the pak and i assume it's the crew numbers that block it. Should the Volk pak gun crew not be 4? FYI: Was testing in editor.
  6. This arrived today, it's the second edition of 'Bloody Streets'. For those 'Fire & Rubble' nuts (like me) this is 25 years research on the Battle for Berlin in one book, well two, as it comes with a separate map book.
  7. Defence against panzerfaust (shape charge) weapons
  8. Love F&R: Lend lease tanks - these are great for Berlin and Bagration battles. Lots of Campaigns - Have only started one but it looks so good and plays well. Buildings - New buildings good and the destruction looks great. Weather - So good to have snow and the vehicles change camo to suit. Sad we didn't get: T-34 mine rollers Ford GPA
  9. Yep check out Ivan Sidorenko, he was an army of one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Sidorenko
  10. I have attached a copy of the game file so you can see. I have earlier copies of the game if you want to try to replicate the 'teleport' using my file. The file is 5 meg so i have just loaded to Google Drive so you can download it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1I8oBC2H8g2xibLuZpiYEAcBYvnrv2fXC/view?usp=sharing FYI: The vehicles were moving under the left of the bridge on 'hunt' if they stopped under the bridge they teleport onto it. Was New game installation on Win10 ( uninstalled old and reloaded it with the new CMFR install).
  11. NIGHT AT THE OPERA - Soviet - Bridge map bug? My t-34 and my carrier were passing under the bridge on 'hunt' and then just teleported up onto the bridge. Is this a new secret Russian weapon or a map bug? PS: It's a fu*ken great map and scenario love playing on it.
  12. I have a new email, hmmmmmmm.... PS: Thanks for all the good work battlefront +1
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