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  1. To be honest, i was tolernated so many times about this issue. Once a time, my men(veteran) weren't suppresedm , they have a good view for shooting ,no block, the enmey tank is just about 30-40meters far away. After shooting about 9 rounds, they still can not hit the targer for even once. No matter your men are sit in the plain or the high floor, they can never hit the target. Just now, i 've suffered on more time, the same map, another location on a floor, the enmey's tank just drive by the house about 20meters far away, and they still can not hit the target, the round even doesn't mean to hit the tank but seems to hit a ground which is about 15 meters far away(it shows like the men just never aim to the tank but somewhere higher) Anyway to solve this problem?
  2. Once i've countered a issue, oh, not once, may be several times, i called my green to shoot the Javelin and everything seems to be fine, but when it come to the top of the target, the missile just suddenly turns to another direction like 90°, and hit the dirt. I test in the court and found that they work well when quiped by the green and the script and even they are pinned down, any ideas?
  3. it is quite stupid, when your troops are at a high ground but with staright plain, usually they will just prone on the edge of the hill. I mean, it is a very good place, good cover good view, but this game just make them prone at a dangerous place without cover or anything else. can't u just move back a little when they are at such a possition? The same about the roof, some times u need to shoot the rocket lancher, however , for the IS, they are low on skills to shoot the target even within the 50 meters, somtimes you didn't hit the enemy and pine down yourself, but if they stand above the roof, once they find cover, same thing happen as on the high ground Last thing is about the peek Usually the view of the troops are terribly suck and they don't even know to find a good cover, just step back a little ,stay away from wall, they can't would you make the ai more smater if they detect any bullets shoot around them? but not like a fool to cover on a dangerous place or prone on the edge of the hill of the roof
  4. I wonder if there any details about the Occupy trigger? is there anything else beside make your men inside? I heared about that there is a additional rules about determing whether your troops have enough firepower or manpower to occupy the area something. Thanks for answering!
  5. Before discussing this crucial problem, i have to claim that this is not a topic about wrong tac or mere nonsense bull **** words about this game. From Us and Us marine to Nato forces, i have done lots of tests about Rocket launcher -whether they are able to shot the target from a relatively normal ranges which are within 300 meters. The results really shocked me for real, however, their terrible behaviors that can not even able to shot a target loacted 200meters far for over 50%(from green to veteran), these results remind me about some soliders talked about the training concering the Rocket Launcher "Using the Rocket Launcher? I would more likely to call that pose trainging due to the Targets were really quite large that no one shall miss that even in a quite long range" Such results are indeed true and when i played this game i always wondering that why they are so sucks at using Rocket Launcher whereas the Vehicle soliders could shoot almost a same position every time. Here is my way of testing: i let the soliders(same leadership same brave same health and so on except diffierent training levels) position in 3rd floor where faces a open ground,no barrier ,no grass no cloud no rain no and so on. They shall shoot the rocket serveal times(up to 50 times down to 25times) which can reveals the accuracies of their guns(at4 and m72law along with other types of one-shot only count their first time while other types of reload guns shall test whether how many times they can finally hit the target. I don't want to talk about the details of the results. It is worthwhile talking about some key points, but, which are exactly related to my topic , that the soliders(green) can shoot a 100 meters' target with almost 100% percent rate to hit in first time.When the range was expanded to 200 meters, nonethless,they can not even reach 10% percent rate of hiting at their target at first time. veteran are not that so bad even they still can not be quite normal(30%) For reload types,msaw soliders (veteran) need to fire 2-4 times to hit a target loaced in 300 meters. All i want to say is that, there is still a thing i haven't proved is that whether the height of firing position do incredibly affect the result of hiting or not. I am quite suffering
  6. As simple as title but with annoying difficulties. I try to replace the M4a1 and M249-Pip 's weapons icons as these icons imagnes show as .bmp etc.I tried so many ways, however, a mere the m249-pip was sucessful. It's not the issues related folders or anything else so i wonder if there is any limit on the shades between sf2 and other versions
  7. it's to complex to purchase a whole formation and delete, any good idea?
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