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  1. I have purchased the Big Bundle for Battle for Normandy yesterday, paid for it with a Visa Debit, I received an email with the download link, unzipped the EXE then installed. Once I clicked on the EXE nothing happened, no error message, no ctd, just nothing. I noticed the "activate new product" icon, clicked on that and the window disappears just as quickly as it appeared. I did some digging and saw that a master download link should be available in my "orders" tab on the battlefront.com website, it isn't, also I noticed that the order status says "process", which i'm unsure if it means it is processed or in the middle of it, despite me having already paid for it (the money being withdrawn from my account). I am now uncertain if my product isn't able to be installed properly perhaps due to a delay in payment/activation that I'm not patient enough to handle, or if it's simply an installation issue. I have excluded the EXE from my firewall and windows defender, i reinstalled a few times, and even installed and tried to apply the patches one by one manually. I'd hate to think that I just blew 150$ (where I live they take a digital sales tax too...) for something I won't even be able to play. Am I missing something? Did I only install the 4.03 update? Is the base game buried somewhere I'm not seeing?
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