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  1. First of all, thank you very much for your answer. @ The_Capt I should have phrased my question more precisely. I meant theoretically only the transport (hitchhiking) of infantry on armored combat vehicles. Not the special form of a combined attack of infantry and tanks that was carried out specifically by subunits selected, equipped and trained for this purpose. You clarified this as well. Regarding the scenario of the Cold War, I could add that, for example, in the manuals of the eastern german army NVA, this tactic is not mentioned at all (to my knowledge). And Modern Russian instructions explicitly forbid "riding" on armored vehicles for obvious reasons.
  2. Good day, first of all best regards to the campaign developers, I am currently completing the "Pebble in my shoes" mission of the "Ride of the 120th" campaign. I noticed that I haven't had high losses from infantry mounted on tanks for a long time. Not due to a rising learning curve, but because it is not possible to mount tanks at all. Is this a deliberate decision of the developers? Sincerely, M.H. https://imgur.com/3UKOUUZ https://imgur.com/dJokctz
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