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  1. 9 hours ago, George MC said:

    How far apart? Are the dead guns ammo guys (not crew) dead? Do you have ammo guys for your surviving gun?

    Very close, maybe 50ft apart. Hmm...ammo guys. I only remember seeing one team between the two gun crews, but I'll need to check on that. Good call. 

  2. 13 minutes ago, George MC said:

    Short answer - no. Once they abandon the gun they cannot redrew it or another. 
    You can share tho if there is an ammo store close by e.g. they’re towing vehicle or ammo stash. 

    Unfortunately, it's just the two AT guns near to each other, but the crew of one got blasted, leaving all their ammo just lying around, while the other crew are still firing away but running out

  3. 8 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

    Just a quick follow up. It shows how long it is since I played "Lonsdale's Block", I had forgotten that it is actually modelled being fired from the shoulder. And that smoke can be fired from inside a building. Also, the mortarman carries a Sten which comes in handy when the close combat kicks off.

    Ah hah. Now that is good info indeed! Thanks :)

    When you say 'modelled', you're referring to if one were to zoom in on the actual soldier?

  4. Just now, Warts 'n' all said:

    The airborne had their own version of the 2inch mortar specifically for the purpose of firing smoke or flare rounds, I assume for indicating their position to follow up waves. It had a fabric strap attached so that it could be worn around the body.

    I don't know how it is modelled in game but would suspect that it appears the same as the standard mortar. I also think that glider borne troops such as the South Staffordshires would have been equipped with the basic infantry mortar, rather than the parachute version. 

    Ahh ok. I do see said units can target smoke, like any other To-Hit weapon. Alright, that explains it then. Tks guys

  5. Just now, mjkerner said:

    It’s a pretty common 2in mortar, with a little better range than a rifle grenade. Standard issue for British HQs, and maybe others?.

    Granted in that I see the 2in(51mm) mortars along with all attendant ammo, including HE in separate sections, which was common, but why only the smoke ammo when part of a larger section? Ok, so it is another 2in mortar then.

  6. Am playing Lonsdale Force scenario, and am seeing a mortar round depicted in the weapons field for most of the British Airborne Sections, and in the ammo section, I see approx 8 x 51mm Smoke rounds. What is this? A 51mm mortar with just some smoke rounds? Never heard of such a thing in the airborne arsenal. If a mortar, then I would presume said individual would have to be outside to fire it, right?

  7. 17 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

    I've not seen the "Dismount" command being "greyed out" when playing this scenario in WEGO/Turn based. I move the jeep during the first turn, then dismount and unlimber the gun with no problem. When something like this happens to you it is best to provide a couple of screenshots to illustrate your problem.

    It's only one of the jeeps. The others show the usual, separate icon for the ATG crew, but perhaps, as @Freyberghas pointed out, this bunch are considered 'crew' for some strange reason. The Dismount button was available when I first opened the PBEM file, but then greyed afterwards. I did click it at that time though, so when the file comes back to me, we'll have to see if they do so.

    This is odd though - an ATG as a jeep crew? They're labelled as an HQ unit, but the other one is also, so why the distinction? Any insights?

  8. Scenario is M-G Lonsdale. There is a British AT gun limbered to a jeep with its crew inside, but there is no separate icon for the At and crew. During setup, I could select dismount and the ATG and crew would, indeed dismount, but now the game's started, I'm concerned, because 'Dismount' button is greyed out. I'm hoping that, once vehicle is stopped, the button will be available, and they can dismount.

    Hmm, update: at the beginning of my orders phase, the dismount button was available for while, and I pressed it, but is now greyed out again. Vehicle has reached its destination. Going to really suck if this unit is, essentially not available! Will have to wait and see what happens next orders phase I suppose.

  9. 11 minutes ago, Warts 'n' all said:

    One thing to bear in mind about hedges, low bocage and high bocage, some scenario designers will place them on impassable terrain tiles eg "heavy forest" so your cursor will turn red if you move it over them. However, if they are set on a passable terrain tile then the cursor remains green giving you the false impression that your vehicles can drive straight through, that is why you need to know the difference between the three different type of hedge.

    Unfortunate there's no terrain-depiction, least not one that I know of.

  10. On 12/22/2020 at 1:27 PM, transporter said:

    Interesting.  I agree with the challenges mentioned above.  Others would be:

    1.  If you have both smoke and WP rounds, be able to pick which ones you want to use.  Smoke is just smoke while WP especially fired into a building can cause much damage.

    Sooo, this begs a thought - does the game not distinguish between the effects of regular smoke and WP? Coz there is an immense difference; just read testimony from anyone who's ever been on the receiving end of WP! There's a good reason why it caused a MC in ASL! If CM doesn't distinguish, then I absolutely ditto this, and we should, indeed be able to decide which 'smoke' is used!

  11. 15 minutes ago, John1966 said:

    Oddly enough, I don't experience much difference if the TC gets hit. Someone takes over and it runs with one less crew. Which is why I risk it. It's if you lose two crew you really start to get problems (like the guns being greyed out).

    Yeh, the functioning of the crew remains the same, but I think you'll notice the morale takes a hit. Seems to me, that it drops to at least Rattled

  12. 8 minutes ago, John1966 said:

    Opening the hatches makes a world of difference. I keep them unbuttoned unless the enemy is close (in which case they button up of their own accord pretty quickly anyway). And it's always worth getting some small arms fire on the AI tanks if they're unbuttoned so they close their hatches.

    If the tanks are at a distance then it'll basically decide who spots who first and that might make a difference as to who wins a tank duel.

    Although I've never "tested" it, if you're playing a big scenario, go round and unbutton all your tanks and you'll suddenly find they can see all sorts of things they couldn't see the previous turn.

    Agreed, plus my original comments were in regards to a sniper taking out a TC. That definitely has an impact on the crew in many ways!

  13. 6 hours ago, benpark said:

    The group order (double-click and select multiple units) can be used as a basic "formation" order. It depends on how the group is arrayed at the move's start, but they will hold that formation pretty well. It's especially useful at the start of a scenario- particularly where larger distances might need to be covered. Couple that with adjustable waypoints, and it's effective.

    It was good to find out about the adjustable waypoints Yes, makes a big difference.

  14. 11 hours ago, Warts 'n' all said:

    I've just fired up "The Copse" and taken a look. There doesn't appear to be any standard "Hedge" on the map. It is what is called "Low Bocage". Seen from above it will be thicker than "Hedge" whilst seen from the front it has a ragged outline, not a nice neat one. 

    Thank you sir. Good to know, along with mjkerner's suggestion to use the mouse cursor to check such terrain

  15. Just now, John1966 said:

    Curiously, I'm the other way around. I often think I've ordered a whole platoon to do a thing, only to see the lieutenant and his HQ run off on their own.

    Only use the group command when the enemy is distant so not normally a big deal.

    My favourite error on my part is dismounting the passengers off on a walk when I meant to send the vehicle itself.

    That one I haven't come across (yet!), probably because I don't think I've veer used the multi-unit command, but yes, that would definitely sour one's optimism!

    ...and no doubt the vehicle took off leaving its former pax in infuriated dust, right!  😂

  16. Hi Ken, yeh the original items have gotten rather jumbled at this point, but thank you for sifting through to make the good points that you did:

    As you say, many have died from the multi-unit move command. I agree that one has to be careful, and I've quickly learnt to be cautious when ordering moves and review; however, I still think it would be a good feature for the game to have, to be able to disable that function, but there we are.

    I definitely like your suggestion of such barriers having a red line or some such to show that they're impassable; that would be a really good addition imo, and I have learnt in this thread that move commands aren't calculated until the red button is pressed, but I still think that should be corrected. Having units take off completely ruins the realism and everything else about the game in that moment, even though there's much, much more to enjoy. This is a 'fix' I would strongly recommend, and I can only imagine the effect it would have on a tournament or some other such competition!

    Regarding your move into the house, I quickly realised that some things are very literal - such as the fact that infantry are going to use whatever door is made available and nothing else! I have learnt, as you did to plan accordingly! In fact, it gets worse - even with one wall blown out by a charge, even the engineering unit, still went around to the door afterwards! That last part is definitely a bug; otherwise, not so sure.

    Re the sniper suggestion, am setting up UK airborne in M-G and, sometimes would like to peel off the Marksman to a separate location where they can do their Marksman 'thing'.

  17. 1 hour ago, mjkerner said:

    Depending on how far away you put your waypoint, that tank might just have figured it's easier to get to it by another route. That happens all the time with longer distances between WPs.  How is the game to know you want to go through, not around, that clump of trees, or around the left side of the house, not the right, unless you direct it more carefully to do so?  Short WPs in close terrain are your friends!  (Btw, could it have been low bocage?  Run the tank's Movement cursor over it to to check. Solves the second problem.)

    As to your No. 1 complaint, can be a pain when done by mistake, but easy to double check before pushing the Big Red Button by double clicking a unit of each command (HQs are easiest to find so easiest to use).  I often double click an HQ to move longer distances, then while all units under that command are highlighted, click on a/the WP of one element and you can move just that one element's WP for better positioning.

    Regarding #2, the game engine calculates the moves for a turn when you click the Big Red Button, so as it was developed, the engine simply can't show the paths your moving units will take. I supposed they could have a system where you do a pre-final BRB click to show you the pathing, but that would just be more annoying to have to essentially wait for each turn to calculate twice each time.

    Well, in this particular example, it was no distance at all, barely the length of the tank, to have it just cross the 'hedge', but it turned around and headed off, like I say who knows where. At the very least, one has lost the unit for a turn. At worst, it could completely ruin the situation and not because of any incompetence on the part of the player. I think one can select the unit during the action replay phase and see the path it's going to actually follow, but that's all after-the-fact at that point! I appreciate your suggestion about checking the path with the mouse before finalizing the order, and I'll certainly be employing that technique. You're right, maybe it was low bocage, but that also refers to my point 4.

    Your suggestion about editing individual-unit commands after issuing an HQ command to all, is also a good one. Hadn't thought about that, but I can certainly appreciate its uses!

    On the last point, I wasn't aware that it wasn't calculating the path until the Red button was pressed, but on the other hand, action calculates pretty quickly, even in larger battles, so I wouldn't have thought it would be a significant hangup, certainly not half as much as seeing one's unit(s) head off in bizarre directions and thence having to contemplate running the entire turn all over again. Particularly in the case of PBEM, one would also have to, then get the consent of the other player. It would seem a much simpler solution to have the game show what it intends to do, just in case one is trying to make a movement that they think is ok, but in fact, isn't.

  18. 1 hour ago, Erwin said:

    Am confused by this.  You mean that if one accidentally double clicks on a unit one accidentally issues orders to the whole formation?  Yes, one has to be careful.  But, it's not a default order - it's just the player being careless.  If you do the same thing again, you simply press delete and all orders are deleted.  Am wondering if you are trying to play RT???

    Hi Erwin, no not RT. It doesn't happen very often, but sometimes, particularly in larger battles, one is focused om other things, and don't notice that you've accidentally issued a multi-unit order. Once the action is calculated, the only redo is to delete that turn. I've certainly taken to saving every turn before clicking the Red button!

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