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  1. Just hopping in to let @Lt Bullknow that you've described many of my complaints about mirrored engagements far more eloquently than I've been able to.
  2. Admittedly I haven't played QBs in 3-4 years but I did play with people who used them pretty consistently and the end result was that I would try to avoid placing my men in obvious positions. Ideally this means that my opponent has wasted points on a TRP and still needs to call in via-LOS with the additional penalty of missing some points. Its sort of the "Church tower question". Do you place your FO in this very obvious position with a great field of view but risk him getting killed almost instantly?
  3. Art style is mostly a question of how you use it. The Japanese tend to have a better handle on using animation to engage with mature themes, Grave of the Fireflies and This Corner of the World being good examples. Both of which I think would lose quite a bit if they were live-action. Personally I'm not a huge fan of how rotoscoping looks though because it tends to have an issue with scale. Both literally with backgrounds feeling too large and in that the actors who have been rotoscoped tend to feel out of place to their backgrounds.
  4. If you don't currently own CM:RT I would wait for the module to release. You might be able to pick up a discount by buying both together.
  5. I do believe there becomes a realism issue with delays as you increase how granular the game is. In CM1 there was certainly some give and take but the AS was 20 meters and the game was fairly abstract. CM2 has reduced the AS to 8 meters and is far more granular - the point that which window a man is looking out of can be critical. So how do you differentiate between realistic delays and unrealistic ones? Because at some point during any scenario it is very likely we are giving orders that the "boots on the ground" should be naturally making. For example, a ditch is one action-square away --
  6. Again its really going to depend on which titles you play, which scenarios you play, and some playstyle determinations. I've made this complaint before but it does happen that my men end up fighting enemy troops who were cowering and recovered in the same action square because they ignore them.
  7. Odd question but I was playing CM:BB from GOG a few weeks ago and couldn't get it to play in any resolution greater than 1024x768. If I went above that much of the game screen would be black (and hence unplayable) anyone have a solution for this?
  8. I think many folks are too focused on how close combat can look cinematic. Combat Mission games look decent but they've not been competitively "good looking" for nearly 5 years, if not more. What they are is good looking for a wargame and that is the bare minimum they need to be and so far they are clearing that bar. I mentioned earlier that it could CC could be tied to the action square & a simple update on the unit ticket (bottom left) saying "close combat" would be sufficient and avoid any unsightly animations while also allowing the players imagination to fill in the gaps. Earlier s
  9. Again I don't think there is a particular distinction between modern and ancient combat in that sense. I think what has changed is the scale of fighting now is so much larger that the the morale ripple effect is being caused at an operational level rather than within the eyesight of the common soldier. Because at some level you are attacking against the enemy weakpoint. CM just represents the single cohort making the attack rather than the whole army shifting its attack towards that point. Think of the opening ~3-4 weeks of Operation Barbarossa. The Soviets essentially experience a total c
  10. Personally I don't think you have this correct. You are still (or at least should be) attacking the weakest position the enemy has in order to force their stronger elements to fallback or be destroyed. Essentially a pocket. However, in a modern setting you no longer have a single army that covers a few miles (at best) but a contiguous line that goes for hundreds of miles across the entire front. That means that your tactical and operational are far more separated than it is in an ancient battle.
  11. It obviously does hurt when your MG-42 man fires two rounds and then is out of the fight during the critical moment. The importance of having a full load increases as you go farther back in time and you have fewer critical weapons. One of 8 guys with assault rifles needing to reload is rarely an issue. The only many in the squad with an automatic needing to reload, on the other hand, represents a dramatic swing in capability. I've put many hundreds (if not thousands) of hours in CM2 since 2008 or so and I've yet to see a tactical reload. It may be that they do happen but just
  12. It depends a lot on what maps and what games you are playing. CM:RT, for example, is very open but once Fire and Rubble releases players will likely be running into more prolonged indoor and close combat. Continuing that if someone mainly plays QBs in dense terrain they are going to see the lack of close combat crop up far more often than if you do rural areas. Edit: It doesn;t help that your guys refuse to do tactical reloads. I'm sure we've all seen a soldier turn the corner and spot a pack of enemies only to fire a single round and then need to reload. Overall I think is one of
  13. Fundamentally Combat Mission does not look great. Don't get me wrong its pretty good for a wargame but relatively to all games in existence its not great. I've looked at various visual mods and they make it look better but they don't fundamentally improve the visual experience to anything I would consider modern. So I don't mess with it since the effort expended to track down and add the mods isn't worth the gain. You also get into some uncanny valley as you improve textures but still have iffy LODs, and animations. On the other hand I almost always install UI mods because I find that they
  14. I believe the hot key is ALT-p to show all movement lines at the same time. This will allow you to see where everyone is going without needing to click on each squad individually
  15. Quick is the best method we have currently but its not uncommon to see guys run over spotted enemies rather than engage them. Its usually enemy troops who are cowering so my guess is that the TACai doesn't judge them as a high enough threat to stop movement towards the waypoint. In most instances the enemy is still cowering when the soldiers reach their waypoint but its not uncommon for the cowering enemy to recover and engage them.
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