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  1. No. That's not what I'm talking about. Using Javelin against an APC is fine if APC is pretty far, because there's a chance that the team will die before they have an opportunity to use it against a tank. Though, if APC is close, I'd like TacAI to try and use AT4 first. What I'm talking about is pretty different. In this case TacAI decides to use Javelin (Javelin operator is aiming), but at the same time it fires AT4 rockets and reveals the team. Firing AT4 as soon as possible would make sense if the team were spotted and fired at. But when the team is well concealed, it's just a pointless
  2. Hi Ken, Attached the saved game. It's a simple contrived example to make sure that such stupid behavior is not caused by stress/casualties. The password for both sides is 123. Please, let me know if you have any other questions. I would be happy to help. It's a rifle squad with all the heavy weapon from Stryker and without the assault team. I believe when deciding whether to fire AT4 (or any other weapon), TacAI should weigh chances to destroy the target against importance of staying concealed. In my example, in the beginning of the turn I would expect TacAI to decide not
  3. Guys, do you have the same issue with AT4 and Javelin? What do you do about it? Maybe I should have given some specific combination of orders to make soldiers keep hiding until they fire Javelin? Maybe there is a way to tell them to fire AT4 only at close targets and not waste them at 200+m distance? Or maybe my expectations of soldiers doing "the right thing" are plain wrong, and they are supposed to fire at everything they can without any intelligence?
  4. I've just got a very frustrating experience trying to ambush enemy armored units with Javelin. I had a rifle team with Javelin hidden inside a building and able to spot a BMP-3 in the distance (about 250 m). As soon as they spotted the vehicle, they started to fire their AT4 at it, revealing their position immediately. Of course, all the AT4 missed at such distance, BMP returned fire and all the team lied dead long before Javelin operator had a chance to fire his missile. It looks like a bug in TacAI. The only workaround I could come up with is to never give Javelin to a team with AT4, an
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