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  1. Thanks for the reply - I am glad I don't seem to be missing something then Oh, and big up the Brighton Massive!
  2. Greetings all, Recently splashed out on CMBN with all the trimmings. I've worked through a few tutorials and the manual but I am wondering if I am missing how to do some things that seemed obvious in CM1. My main bugbear is in the purchase of units - In CM1, when I mouseover an available/purchased unit I get unit information down the bottom of the screen - Things like how many men in a squad, how much ammo, the transport class of a vehicle or a weapon, that sort of stuff. Whereas in CMBN, what you get down the bottom is the useful but not massively informative 'tweak options' window - Which is great if you want to drop or add a PIAT etc. Without having to look up ToE's from my Grognard shelf, is there a way to get that information within the game? (And if it's glaringly obvious, please do forgive me... )
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