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  1. Thanks Howler. Good to know that some units wont fire indirectly. I guess that’s why these mortars would not come up on any support tabs. Sgt., what you wrote makes sense. I’ll use more point targets and less area targets. Will also aim for better quality LOS.
  2. Wicky, thanks so much for figuring this out. It was a weird glitch, I guess. I’ll go back in and finish the saved game.
  3. Correct, I hid the crew and then could not unhide them. Here is the save: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q7br5csp7h1llmk/A Moment in Time 039.bts?dl=0 Sorry, I probably should have sent it straight off. Also notice the gun ammo crew firing and attracting attention even though I had them paused. The mission is: Normandy-A moment in time- Hell's Highway. Game engine 4.
  4. There were enemy spotters nearby calling in nasty artillery. To avoid being targeted, i hid my 88m flak gun crew until i could kill all known spotters. Killed the spotters, unhid my crew and.... nothing. See photo below: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1nv9q0rcuj1f9jn/IMG_3813.JPG?dl=0 The crew remained face down on the ground, unable to target anything, despite hiding and unhiding repeatedly, pausing and unpausing repeatedly, and waiting 1-2 minutes for them to resume their position behind the guns. These guns were central to my defense against 4 sherman tanks. Crack gun
  5. Wicky, apparently, I didn’t do a good job creating well-spaced save points. Everything i have before this is basically setup and immediately thereafter (though maybe I have one of my approach through the forest). If you think one of these will be helpful, I’ll send it.
  6. Also, has anyone else had problems with friendly-fire from artillery? In the scenario above, 81 mm mortars arrived as reinforcements and instantly appeared in the support tab of my spotter and other units. Needless to say, I was relieved to finally have some artillery at my disposal since the above-mentioned 50 mm's hadn't fired a shot. So i set a linear target inside a gully with spotted enemy troops inside. To my horror, the first 10-12 of the shells fell, with pin-point accuracy, on top of my own units, killing, rattling, and breaking them by the half-dozen. My troops were over 100 yar
  7. Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, the 50mm mortar does not appear under the support tab of any of my units (including the mortar unit itself). Same situation and location described above.
  8. I'll admit it, I'm a knucklehead. After reading dozens of pages of instructions and watching hours and hours of videos, I am still incapable of indirect fire using on-board artillery. Basically, if my mortar team can't see the target (and risk getting massacred) they can't fire at it. I've studied an ocean of manuals, web-pages, and videos on this, I follow the instructions (I think), and get no results. For example, take this mortar unit that appears to be in communication with it's superior unit (Brg Sec Det) which is 35 M away . I've reached my screen shot size limi
  9. Try this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/arcv9ivmn9qyzw9/A Moment in Time 020.bts?dl=0 It's the first time I'm sending a save file, so let me know if it doesn't work. I was hoping to find a save file that captured the scene a little before this, when I was unloading on the buildings to little effect. This is after that, when, basically, I had captured one of the structures in the center of the row and went on to take another two. I also finally manged to collapse the wall of one of the stone buildings on the right, after I don't know how many mortar strikes. Not sure if this happened afte
  10. @Wicky , tried to send the save game file, but it's over the forum's 1.95 MB attachment limit. Compressing it didn't seem to reduce the size much. Can anyone explain how to attach a save game file?
  11. I must say that I’m impressed by all the advice I’ve gotten and interest everyone has shown. Never posted much on game forums, but glad I did. When i get home I’ll try and figure out how to send a game save. Iron mode seems intimidating but, if it’ll accelerate my learning, I’ll try it.
  12. My MG34, was firing repeatedly from about 71 meters away at about a 25 degree angle. Plus a number of other soldiers firing different weapons from different angles. This particular situation lasted for about 10-15 minutes, with perhaps 15-18 soldiers firing on this particular building at the beginning (from about the same distance) and with less than half of them still standing at the end (which is when I stormed the building). I'm chalking it up to inexperienced troops with poor aim (they're all green and conscripts) and the stoutness of the building. Interestingly, the mortar fire was pr
  13. LOL, absolutely. They're all fun, even this one (though frustrating at times). You learn more from failure and that was definitely the case here.
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