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  1. I take it that means you found an on-map option? Anyway, no worries I had the same problem some time ago with other weapons (88s I think). You live and learn (as I've said more than once today 😉).
  2. I'm still more than happy to try any new scenarios @kohlenklau. Really liked the Crete vibe on the ones so far (or perhaps the Greek vibe) ❤️.
  3. Somehow I missed this 😮, downloaded now though, thanks again 👍.
  4. I'm still loving the Winter Mod, thanks to you and the rest of the team ❤️.
  5. As above, but I would add that if you buy one of the bundles you can 'save' on the full price of all components. For example CMBN big bundle parts would seperately cost $160 but the bundle is keenly priced at $110. Assuming you want all the parts, but who wouldn't 😉.
  6. I have no criticism, but the work of Aris @Fuser shows us the way. He's not been around recently but his work still shines like a diamond. And I don't mean in a Pink Floyd way.
  7. What if we clubbed together and supplied a wee dram, would there be any chance of fixing it?
  8. La la la, my fingers are in my ears (or rather over my eyes)....
  9. I played my first ever QB approximately 14 months ago, so I imagine nothing much has changed in that time. Trying to work out if it had would be equally time consuming 😉.
  10. My 90/53 was somewhat luckier. Knocked out 3 Shermans, before with 2 AP rounds remaining (did someone say the 90/53s were accompanied by ammo trucks?) it took a hit which destroyed the 90mm. I pressed surrender to save needless waste of Italian lives 😉. I also wondered about the firing animation - would both crew up top remain in their seats? Looking at where the ammo is stored and where the breech is suggests not, unless other crew members did the loading? I suppose a dismounting crew just for firing is rather problematic in the game...
  11. Yes, starts 1345 and visiblity is good. I'm almost in position to attack after brushing aside a few outposts, so things will liven up very soon. Earlier I chose to attack Stavelot immediately and then move West immediately (this may not have been a choice if I remember correctly - it was a while ago - as I didn't fully clear the main Square, so wasn't offered the fuel depot option).
  12. Their truck even took some hits getting up the road and past the mines I'd placed, but with no casualties and no major damge. Luck! Would've been a tall order without them.
  13. If this is 'Storm on Stoumont', that's what I'm doing next. Will let you know how I get on... However for me this is mission 4 so perhaps the earlier choices make a difference?
  14. Okay, Sapper Rearguard finished, minor spoilers in image below. Really enjoyed it. Tough situation as I mentioned, but I had some serious bad-asses in a 47mm AT crew who just survived and then just got into position in time. They then kicked some! Nearly all of the retreating units made it.
  15. Just started this one - tough situation and again, thought-provoking. I'll try this one next.
  16. Seems to be @snake_eye if I've tagged the right person. A minor detail - although the loading screen for the scenario does indeed show Patton's Assault Nemesis, it appears in my scenario listing as Patton's Attack Nemesis. No worries. I don't wish to blow @George MC's trumpet again, but I might as well - his scenarios are amongst the best. The Wittmann ones are great.
  17. Hi @kevinkin, thanks for your fine work. I have the Major Bake scenario, and the one I posted shots from above, which was 'A lot too late' with 5 Tigers attacking in the snow. I think I have another one as well, but I can't quite remember the name just now (and no I'm not 65 yet in case anyone is wondering about my memory 😉).
  18. Yes, the briefing agrees with that and it's a great scenario, so thanks to @kevinkin. Was thinking I should also mention the CMFI Wacht am Rapido campaign by @kohlenklau. This also has some fine wintery stuff and some great maps and battles.
  19. Yes, it's the CMRT Winter Mod, or possibly Winter '44 Mod. I'm not sure how it interacts with any recent F&R snowy effects etc. but it seems to work. I think there was an original Winter Mod which was developed and added to over a few years. @kohlenklau was one of those involved I think, so perhaps he can fill us in on the fine details.
  20. Okay, you've persuaded me to play as Allied just to check these out 👍. But not tonight. And despite the company mortars, I know I'll take a beating.
  21. You really ought to invest in an indoor privy, they're quite the thing.
  22. Seems to work for me, just checking as my dropbox with the same has been busy today. It's all for the greater good 👍.
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