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  1. I've been to Canada twice and liked it a lot. Not been to Finland yet... Edit: think I've got it now - Angry Blob?
  2. Yeah, well some day soon I hope 😉. Anyway welcome! I was guessing Finland but google says Canada?
  3. Sorry but I had to give you a like for 'Doofus Snafu-us'. Plus you deserve more likes.
  4. Or they could be overhauled by one of the resident experts here if they need it? I don't mean myself unfortunately, I'm a 🤡 as far as modding goes.
  5. Think I'll check my emails over the weekend.
  6. An interesting read John (the first one, haven't got onto your brother's yet). In amongst the action, two things stood out. 1. He said God told him to turn right. I'm sure any watching Germans would have said "aber Gott ist mit uns?" 😉. 2. He said a white hot 18 pound round penetrated his Sherman just before they bailed out (from an AT gun firing at extreme range)? Oh and perhaps a third... 3. He said a Panzerfaust was fired out of a building. I thought this was a no-no? But I'm sure it happened in the heat (literally) of the moment.
  7. Yes I think you're probably right, but even so your input expands many things. Keep up the great work, it's much appreciated 👍.
  8. Interesting, thanks. Downloaded and ready to read. A quick look suggests the debate still goes on about Prokhorovka, but perhaps not to the extent that it used to? If the Wheatley papers are anywhere near correct (and they seem to be) it's clear that the old history we read was part cover-up and part propaganda?
  9. Sights Phil, sights 😁. You are doing an unbelievable job, please keep it up 👍.
  10. I hope they'd washed them, particularly after the last days in WW2.
  11. I'm guessing it'll be a day when I'm not reading my email. If there is such a day 😔.
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