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  1. Although I agree with Holien (one of the likes is mine) and have been 'guilty' of similar posts including earlier in this thread, you do have a point that this is not a political forum. I'll try to refrain in future.
  2. Don't think I have, but I've not logged the hours that you have 😉.
  3. +1 to that. And your other suggestions too but I'm probably not so aware of their work just yet - I will be in time.
  4. Output from anyone is appreciated (by me and many others). I wouldn't try to suggest that people can do more, we all have other things to do, and while I'm not producing output it would not be a fair comment anyway. All I can say is 'keep up the good work' for which we are grateful.
  5. Interesting, having just played a medium sized QB on the FB La Gleize map with a powerful German force against an AI selected US force. Half way through I realised that I was fighting almost exclusively M5 tanks. Not much trouble to my panzers but difficult for the infantry (those cannister rounds are not nice). Anyway I still had great fun, ending up with 38 US tanks destroyed to 0 of mine. I certainly learned a lot about keeping the Rollbahn open 😉.
  6. I tend towards this view as well. And having only arrived last May and since then acquiring all of the WW2 content, I have much more content than time to play it. Oh and +1 to the welcome @DuckCuckem.
  7. Well, that certainly explains it. Thanks @Bulletpoint.
  8. I would change that slightly to 'famous, but never true'. Also I can't imagine there is any way for normal citizens to do anything other than pay more than they used to. The UK is of course currently still paying a supposedly reduced amount into EU coffers to cover things we agreed to (or in some cases suggested in the first place) before leaving, and rightly so.
  9. I don't disagree, but you can find it in both the Oxford and Cambridge dictionaries. Recent inclusions of course. As discussed in another thread, no-one on the forum has admitted to having such appendages, so we need not trouble ourselves about them.
  10. Part 1. "In years to come men like us will have massive moobs. Keep drinking the Guinness guys..." Part 2. "No, that's not Adolf but whoever it is, he is running away."
  11. Going out on a limb here, but I don't imagine many of the UK folk on this forum voted for the fiasco aka Brexit. To do so you would likely be incapable of playing a game like CM, but also you would be unlikely to be interested in history.
  12. Indeed John. I'm not seeing your spoiler text, but I know the answer anyway.
  13. Interesting. Checking back I also paid $95 last October for the FI Bundle. Oh well, governments everywhere are in need of a lot of taxes.
  14. After December 31st? Just so we're clear about the positives and negatives - haven't seen any positives yet but there must be some?
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