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  1. Ah the 50mm mortar has migrated . With red shells no less... Have spent some time using the Italian 45mm Brixia lately and that has been fun.
  2. My screenshots taken like this end up in the folder 'Videos' for some reason, in specific CM game sub-folders, in case you can't find them. Good luck!
  3. Lovely work, great screenshots. And yes I often 'geteth the hee-haw' .
  4. You may be right, although I haven't messed with any settings. One thought, I'm using Windows 10 Home, not Pro, but I'm not sure why that would make any difference.
  5. Just suggested and started A Muddy Affair as a PBEM with a good friend in Texas, so I could not bring myself to look at the video. Anyway I'm playing Axis. And with that I should not look at the forum for perhaps a month or so .
  6. If the game was only single player I can just about understand wanting to tinker under the bonnet - so my Panther takes too long to load, too long to rotate the turret etc. etc. and I've googled it to death and want to fix it (random example, no facts were involved in the making of this). But when players play against other players we need everyone on the same page. I'm with Steve and John on this one.
  7. My issue is that it doesn't work. Doing what you describe always results in a shot of whichever CM loading screen, not the shot I wanted from the game. Using Nvidia capture works.
  8. Or if you are running Nvidia graphics press Alt-F1 and then find the save folder (mine is in Videos for some reason). And then transfer to Imgur (or similar) and post the direct link on the forum. I agree the standard PrintScreen ist Kaputt. As for the mission, I played as Germans and it was a lot of fun, despite the annoying (but sometimes helpful ) Allied air support.
  9. I'm guessing John has taken down his links. Do you see what I did there ?
  10. Just goes to show, it's always been tough on people waiting for a new Combat Mission title to come out .
  11. Sorry Julian, missed it but am going again soon (free return entry on my annual ticket). Let me know if and when you're going again and we could meet up next to the Jagdpanther .
  12. I thought I did, only to find out that my 4 years old (and seemingly ancient) Intel i7 6700HQ is not on the supported list. Not sure why, as older and dare I say crappier processors are on the list. Hmmm, thanks Microsoft, great support as ever.
  13. This has been noted before, like here: I also recall seeing pictures somewhere and even posted my own I think.
  14. Wow 7 months later, have you been away (not at Her Majesty's pleasure I hope)?
  15. Joe, send me the first file and we'll see if it works. I'll PM you with my email...
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