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  1. At the risk of replying to myself, my investigations have revealed; Yes the lack of ammo sharing was due to units being from different formations. Yes a single FO can place multiple arty strikes in the set-up phase prior to the first turn- big news to me . Thanks @Erwin and @MOS:96B2P for the wisdom 👍.
  2. Hi Kurt You should be able to install the games in whatever order you like. Are you using the latest full installer downloads from the BFC site for installation? I think that would be the easiest option, rather than installing older versions and patching. This assumes you can log on to BFC and your purchases are recognised of course. Good luck but if in doubt raise a ticket at the Helpdesk.
  3. Wow, I did not know this, how did I miss that! My learning continues... And yes the USS Savanagh is pretty heavy duty 😉 so perhaps only FO. I did however read this somewhere, will have to try it in RT, BN and FI and see what happens. Thanks again, much appreciated!
  4. A big hello to you too. Yes it's a bit pricey but as others have said well worth it, if it's your 'thing'. I tried the RT demo, played one battle (Monster Mash) and bought the game the same or next day. It was definitely 'for me'. Since then I've added BN and FI (so far) so enough said. What you say about gore mods reminded me of when I got Silent Hunter 3 quite a few years back. I had to have a mod to show the correct Kriegsmarine flag, and in looking for it came across the Grey Wolves mod, which was immense and more like a new, far better game. The flag was not important in c
  5. Excellent advice, many thanks @MOS:96B2P. I am learning 😉👍. Don't suppose you have similar advice on my artillery issues in the first post? It was probably just bad execution on my part...
  6. Ah, thanks Erwin. I'll have to check but that may well be the reason. I had MG units with little or no ammo in the same room as split squads or HQs who I had trundled back to an ammo truck and a jeep with lots of ammo. They got back with the right ammo but it wasn't shared, so your explanation is looking likely. On a side note was I right that I have to get a unit back to the ammo truck (I actually mounted it just to make sure) so that they can aquire ammo? I tried parking the truck next to a building with a unit in it but they didn't get anything or have the acquire command beco
  7. I don't have SF2 yet, but this thread and the absolutely beautiful maps are making me think I should get it soon. Great work 👍.
  8. Just had some fun with Livorno Pride in FI, big thanks to @theFightingSeabee (although you may not have visited in a while). It is basically an exercise in artillery control, in which it seems I suck big time. Although I still managed a US total victory on Elite with only a Jeep and driver lost, thanks to careful Ranger positioning and ammo conservation / distribution added to the fact that the Livorno battalion sadly have little or no chance, I have to admit the following: 1. It's an hour long scenario but I only managed 4 off-map FFEs, 3 from USS Savanagh (which was meant to be
  9. Agreed John, I'm mixing up my sloppily observed fantasy web pages. The picture doesn't look too legit to me, even the angle of the gun mounting on the turret looks a bit suspect. Another clue is the observation on Wiki 'but was never built'. It's okay for War Thunder purposes however 😁.
  10. Would need a slightly bigger hole in the ground for that as well 💣💥🕳️ Yes, I thought even 2 * 500 lbs sounds like a bit of a load. Perhaps BFC can introduce the Lancaster to the game for those situations where you just need to level a bridge or perhaps a sink a battleship. Sorry I'm getting carried away now 😉 .
  11. You spotted my deliberate mistake - the manual does say 238 not 283 (was a bit of a grainy image in my defence). Don't know about 227 though (which is the conversion of 500 lb), but it was on a US Warhawk if that makes any difference - as you can probably tell I'm not a bomb expert 🙃.
  12. I had a look, the plane is a P40F Warhawk, shown in the manual as having 2 * ANM-64 283kg bombs! Thankfully they didn't drop anywhere near to my Sturmpanzers.
  13. Just finished Bear Claws, great fun dropping the buildings with the Sturmpanzers to get LOS/LOF to tanks and clear out those pesky US infantry. Thanks to @MeatEtr! All Sturmpanzers survived but my infantry took some sorry punishment. Was interested in the Allied air support which was new to me, and which buzzed around for what seemed like ages. What the heck did it drop here? Anyway it appeared, just as my flakvierling was moving up. First turn with it on attack, strafed my infantry with little result. Second turn, same again a bit more damage this time. Third turn,
  14. Kugelblitz? Looks a bit like a WOT item 🙂. Of course it's not a IV, it has a turret and has no screens but the hangers are there... Close perhaps but no cigar...
  15. Just as a small follow-up. I was just playing a Fortress Italy battle as Italians. With a smile on my face and no expectation of success I was advancing 5 Renault R35s (with 37mm guns) cautiously towards the US troops I knew were waiting. To my surprise, they started spraying canister at anything that popped it's head up. I have more respect for R35s now 😉. Sadly they don't carry many canister rounds though...
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