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  1. The Stryker campaign is fun but it's very broken. I gave up on the paratrooper mission because the scoring scale is so badly skewed toward the Russians. I got well under 20 percent casualties and still wound up with a minor defeat.
  2. I don't have mods I figured it out though. I had put the patch files on the program directory but I didn't run update.exe AFAIK it gave my Troops weird titles but didn't change gameplay
  3. That makes sense. This is probably one of my favorite scenarios/missions.
  4. On the Scenario "The Eagle", the AAR says there are over 300 enemies still alive, is that a bug
  5. Does anyone else think a Combat Mission: South China Sea game could be fun? I understand it would primarily be an aerial/naval engagement, but I think following a MEU or battallion of paratroopers through an island hopping campaign, seizing airfields and navy bases and whatnot could be a cool concept. Obviously it would have to be limited in scope but I think it would be cool. I guess the biggest hangup would be the fact that China hasn't fought a major conflict in this century, so their tactics/capabilities are something of a question mark. But I'd happily spend money on another game about a US vs peer conflict in the vein of CMBS
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