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  1. First: Who in your opinion is a troll and is a troll someone who points out that these specific units you are requesting had been only known for committing genocidal massacres, while you are trying to rehabilitate them by finding the one time they might have been forced to fight against soldiers and not like they usual did shooting civilians including pregnant women, infants and children in the back. You wrote that you need the SS police units to simulate the Kampfgruppe von Gottberg which consisted mainly SS Polizei and Polizei Sch├╝tzen units. This Kampfgruppe had murdered in 1943 until early 1944 50000 civilians far away from the frontline and also liquidated the Ghettos Slonim and Sluzk. Second: where is the political discussion? This is historic fact and can only interpret as political if you would falsely claim these genocidal massacres had never happened, or that your beloved units would had nothing to do with that. I can agree that a WWII wargame does simulate the forces which have had taken part in the battles. This includes the regular Waffen SS Divisionen which fought at the frontlines. My personal border is that I will not buy a game or module which implement death squads which committed mass murdering civilians in giant scale hundreds Kilometer away from the frontline. These murderers have not been soldiers in my opinion.
  2. Refrain from telling me what I should do! If your historical knowledge is so great, why are you so much obsessed with the idea to include the Police- and SS-Police Units into the game?
  3. They had not been soldiers, instead they had been mass murderers murdering civilians. If they will be included I am not going to buy this module. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babi_Yar https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Einsatzgruppen
  4. Thank you very much @Freyberg and @IICptMillerII. If it is not possible to upload directly then it is unfortunately not suitable for me. I will post instead at FGM forum which is regarding screenshots more user friendly.
  5. I would like to post some in game screenshots, but it looks like there is a upload limit (2mb) in total and I have reached that. How can I increase my upload limit, or is it impossible?
  6. Does someone know? The Beta AAR for CMRT by Bil Hardenberger and BFCElvis had combined 390.000 views. They are both highly educational and entertaining to read. Also they are fantastic promotion for Battlefront's Combat Mission.
  7. Will there be a Beta DAR for the next CMRT module to celebrate with joyful anticipation the next coming release? I have read the Beta DAR's with greatest pleasure and also I experienced while reading great education about Combat Mission and WW2 tactics. Cheers!
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