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  1. With that you would probably level the entire map 😅 Anyway I'm not sure at all you'd see a lancaster in a battle, typically heavy bombers lack the flexibility to operate at a tactical level, which is reserved to the more nimble and faster airplanes like light bombers or fighters.
  2. By the way is there a place to report it to the devs ?
  3. I already checked and the kingtigers that you are seeing must be the kingtigers with the henschel turret rather than the porsche turret, you can tell the difference cause the later is identified as Kingtiger (porsche). And you should have access to it in july and august.
  4. Thank you very much sir ! I'll check thoroughly what you did and then I'll try to replicate it on another map to see if I get the hang of it.
  5. Thanks for your answers, I hoped there would be an easy way to mess around but unfortunately things are always more complicated than expected. I attached my "test scenario", that is remarkably well balanced by the way (it's not). test.btt
  6. Hello ! I've been working (struggling) with the editor for a few hours and I'm quite stuck now. Generally I'm playing CMs only with qb because... well I just like it a lot. However I acquired CM normandy some days ago and found that the Konigstiger(P) was not available in qb (yes the disappointment was unbearable 🙂), I looked on the forums to see if we could modify a file to change the qb unit list (which would be super neat btw) , if there's a mod to fix this but nope the only way seems to be the editor. I didn't want to create a map or an advanced scenario but rather t
  7. I was searching for it but didn't find it 😥 By the way is there any chance we can modify a file to make the tank available in qb ?
  8. Combat mission Shock force 2 : Jousting edition ?
  9. Thank you all for your answers ! Unexpected expanses made my choice much simpler, it is going to be CMSF2 alone and on sale. To be fair I quite like low intensity fights and I play my combat missions games on quick battles with medium points because I really enjoy when every unit/vehicle counts. I for sure will buy Black sea in the future, like the CMSF2 modules but for now it will be the base game.
  10. This is what I was concerned about, I already own red thunder and Fortress Italy but I was thinking of buying Black sea or Shock force 2 to change a bit, with the current sales I wondered if it was a better idea to take CMSF2 with NATO or USMC rather than black sea so I'm on the fence.
  11. Hello everyone. I know that this question has already been posted a few years ago but since I cannot buy the full CMSF2 bundle but just the base game with maybe one expansion I was wondering if I should get black sea instead. I'm really interested in both game, perhaps a little bit more in CMFS2 but I don't know if I should wait until I can get the "whole experience" or go for it and buy the rest later. So I would like to know your thoughts about it, thank you.
  12. I do agree to a lot of your comments, when I made this post I was thinking especially about AT guns, omnipurpose guns / fire support guns are really usefull but I was more in a situation where I only got at my disposal infantry available (with their support equippement) whereas my opponent would have access to a large panel of armored vehicles. So would I be able to bring my AT gun close enough, good LOS and set it up fast enough to get a shot to the ennemy armor ? For this I'd think that the size and nature of the map is critic : you could bring an AT gun to use if you can set it u
  13. Thank you for all of your answers, I'm doing a lot of QB against the AI and find out that some countries/corps don't have any kind of tank/SPG at specific times during the war. Thus I was wondering the "practicality", so to speak, of launching an attack with such a force and it seems that it's a complicated trick to realize and that the terrain has to be on your side. I did prevail against the AI once while I had no tanks against a "almost no infantry only tanks" ennemy (now I tend to manually choose the AI forces even if that's quite an advantage to get something more realistic). Th
  14. Hello I was wondering about the usefulness of canons during an attack. As far as I know canons are good in defense, you put them concealed here and there and they can be a nasty surprise for your opponent's armor. However I do prefer self propelled canons even in defense in spite of their cost since when a canon is spotted, when it shoots basically, it become a priority target for the ennemy's artillery and your canon is probably going to be destroyed really easily because of it's lack of armor whereas a tank or SPG will survive (generally) and can retreat pretty fast. My quest
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