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  1. It seems that the download page is down: "the link you are trying to access doesn't exist"
  2. Hello there ! Did someone know if this is still an issue or did I miss an update ?
  3. No. The man said he didn't have the tiger with the henschel turret and I replied that it might be because he doesn't own market garden. The problem is that the tiger with the porsche turret isn't available in quick battle.
  4. Indeed, Heavy Tank (PzVIB King Tiger) is in the list. The King Tiger with the henschel turret came with the market garden expansion, maybe you don't own it or have it installed ?
  5. In september 44 I've got access to the kingtiger which is the henschel version. Well... I always pick what the AI will play with to make sure they have a coherent force. As for players... I guess you could talk and come to an agreement before
  6. With that you would probably level the entire map Anyway I'm not sure at all you'd see a lancaster in a battle, typically heavy bombers lack the flexibility to operate at a tactical level, which is reserved to the more nimble and faster airplanes like light bombers or fighters.
  7. I already checked and the kingtigers that you are seeing must be the kingtigers with the henschel turret rather than the porsche turret, you can tell the difference cause the later is identified as Kingtiger (porsche). And you should have access to it in july and august.
  8. Thank you very much sir ! I'll check thoroughly what you did and then I'll try to replicate it on another map to see if I get the hang of it.
  9. Thanks for your answers, I hoped there would be an easy way to mess around but unfortunately things are always more complicated than expected. I attached my "test scenario", that is remarkably well balanced by the way (it's not). test.btt
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