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  1. I will agree with you on several of those points, the ahisotricity of the opening engagement in TT was what first made me think it sounded fishy. The all-seeing Eye of Sauron drivers plate always makes me chuckle when i reread the novel as well. And I've always doubted there were regiments of IS-2s in winter of 43 in Ukraine. But since I'm well versed in the history and myths of the Eastern Front, I was able to note these and still enjoy the book as an entertaining read and a good story, if nothing else. (I didn't realize the Tiger crew positions were incorrect. What positions were out of plac
  2. I respectfully disagree with you here, I also think the two books are works of fiction but I personally enjoyed both the stories and think they'd make for interesting campaigns in a CM style game Very much enjoyed Carius's book, still haven't gotten around to reading Panzer Ace (though it is on my 2021 reading list for sure!)
  3. Also, I never read TWW: August 1985. I have "The Untold Story". What is the difference if any between the two?
  4. I bought it on Amazon used in about 2016 ish for a couple bucks, lost it for a while, and found it recently cleaning out my room. Needless to say, Christmas came early that day
  5. Let me lead off by first stating that, if you haven't read Tiger Tracks or the Last Panther, I suggest you do. They are great novels. Are they actually memoirs of a panzer crewman named Wolfgang Faust? I doubt it. They read too much like historical fiction for me. However, the narrative content contained in the two books would, IMHO, make great content for a narrative campaign. Both books tell a very good and emotional story about the horrors of mechanized warfare on the Eastern Front. A Tiger Tracks campaign is probably doable now with the CMRT Winter Mod, not so sure if a Last Pant
  6. Hoping for a NATO and NSWP forces module after the base game releases. Would flesh out the time period and the forces involved in a hypothetical 80s conflict very nicely. Another great module would perhaps be a late 80s early 90s module (situated at the twilight of the Cold War, if the USSR didn't collapse or instead decided to throw the dice in a final attack on Western Europe, as some allege they wanted to do).
  7. I've still got Hackett's book and Red Army on my shelf. Personally, Ralph Peters' writing style is very underrated IMHO (highly recommend his ACW novels as well). I think a possible Soviet campaign from the perspective of Captain Bezarin would be interesting (would be difficult to simulate the crowded autobahn engagement though). As I have no modding experience in CM (having only recently discovered this franchise and still too scared to play the multiplayer) I intend for this thread to be purely speculative until at least release. After that, I intend to try my hand at campaign modding so as
  8. There are a few battles with a Polish T-55 legion and East Germans too. So maybe something like this would have to wait until a NSWP forces module is released
  9. Correct me if I'm wrong, are you speaking about Red Army by Ralph Peters?
  10. As far as I remember, the novel Team Yankee takes place in the V Corps sector of Germany during the early 1980s (there's a large mix of old and new US kit in the novel if memory serves). Would it be possible to make a campaign based on the events of the novel from the POV of the CO of Team Yankee? I think a narrative style campaign that recreates the important missions the Team goes on in the book would be pretty fun to play. Also if you haven't read the book I highly recommend it!
  11. To answer your first question, i think R2V for FI was about five months or so (could be longer, can't remember) from pre order to release
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