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  1. Do scenario authors get a free copy of the module?
  2. Smoke & Ruins for new FB module... lol, cliche I know, but would fit perfectly with Fire & Rubble (see what they did there..?)
  3. It's kinda pointless to start without a template really, but I've never seen them post any templates to help people create skins for vehicles or uniforms, though these undoubtedly exist. The only templates I've seen them post are for mission briefings. I guess if it is just small changes to existing textures you can do it, but a complete overhaul or new texture is pretty difficult. The texture map above is a token gesture, there are only a couple such maps in the game files for any of the games. In summary, there are no tutorials, starting points, help, templates etc, it's kind of amazing the
  4. All the base games in the CM2 series (incl. BS and CMSF/CMSF2) series start with US forces (except RT), this is a clear BF policy and it makes financial sense. The other nations MUST come later AFTER the US in modules for which you have to pay extra. Afrika won't happen unless it starts at Torch, then you can have US forces in the base module. Make an addon module for the earlier battles and CW forces, perhaps exclude the other nations entirely from the base game. As you know if you bought Normandy, Italy, Blitzkrieg, only US forces fought in world war 2. If you want a more historically a
  5. I don't own or intend to purchase R2V, but I installed the 2.10 patch recently expecting a few general engine bug fixes and allowing me to gauge the content in R2V. I own the original FI and GL modules so this was probably a mistake and I'll roll it back as 6GB of archives I'm not going to use is a waste of space for me. But I thought I should also point out that for some of the quick battle maps that were available to play on have now become gated behind a paywall after the update. I expected problems with the scenarios and quick battle maps folders so backed them up prior to updating, but fo
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