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  1. Here the link sdkfz 251-7-9-10 https://www.dropbox.com/s/bmwaospw8uh9mo5/sdkfz250-7-9-10_sat.zip?dl=0 Opel blitz (it's more funky) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ciw5c0nw7ml7i48/Opel Blitz_sat.zip?dl=0 sdkfz 233 (now it s more badass) https://www.dropbox.com/s/2kj0z41s5ssvdum/sdkfz233_sat.zip?dl=0 See your for the sdkfz 231soon and i ll see between 250 neu serie for finish the aufklarung or 251 serie Have fun guys !
  2. Hello, here is the rest as expected There are a lot of things and a lot of options and random stuff. - For the 250-7 no change for the .mdr. 1 camo (I don't think he needs it.) The 250-10 has Italian material. I will make a CmBN compatible version very soon. (he has 2 camos, random stuff) The 250-9 with 2 camo of your choice and random stuff I add to the deck the opel blitz with lot of option also it is not compatible with CMBN (I will also do it very soon). I removed the triangle on the roof (for aesthetics). He has two camos and random stuff with it have no cover I also
  3. Hello, here is the second It comes with two camos which are random. if you don't want them :remove it and rename the file. For the 3d model if you don't like just remove the .mdr file The 250-3 is quite rare, you will find it inTanks as an observer. I will surely use camo for the 250/10 because I like it and it will not be really used. You can also use the camo for the 250/1 by renaming the files Thank you again for the remarks that I took into account (German material ...) [![Image](https://i.goopics.net/1y00e.png)](https://goopics.net/i/1y00e) ...i came
  4. Yes Aquila you'r rigth.I renamed all.00x On my Pc it seems to work in game This is the new adress https://www.dropbox.com/s/pcagqfa2ca77mok/sdkfz 250 1v1.2.zip?dl=0
  5. With your help I fix it . Everything looks good. I will re-upload it Thank you for helping me understand Aquila
  6. Arggggh NOoooo.... First thank you all for your feedback and advice. A big thank you for the Aquila-SmartWargames video and I note Falaise for the German material and the other CMwwII. I will try to reinstall Cm normandy (if I understood everything correctly of install). But for I have no solution for the moment...I am sorry, exuse me Everything was good yesterday and today ....... with me it does too. I will try to see this later Aquila do you have any idea what is wrong with ?
  7. Hello, I'm an old CM player(Saturnin). By nostalgia I make a little comeback with CMFI (i lost my old accunt, dead mail adress). To celebrate this I offer a small Mod. I hope it will please you. Here is the sdkfz250-1. I wanted it with more battle dress looking It comes with: 2 camos, random material and options (hatch open or not, ...) a multitude of possibilities to test. For that it is simple. If you want the two camouflages leave as such. If you want one in particular discard the one you don't want and rename the BMP file to: sdkfz250-1-hull.bmp If you dont want the stuff 3
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