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  1. For those who don't know discord. This might give a good introduction about what the platform offers
  2. Hello everyone! With the release of Shocking Force 2 on steam, I decided it was time Combat Mission finally got its own place. A place where the community can share their thoughts, knowledge, experience and other tips & tricks about the Combat Mission games. Specific channels to find other players to play a match with has been set up, as well as channels to call each other. Even a place to post your match results afterwards Other general topics such as history, war, daily stuff is of course allowed as well. Make sure to come take a look, let me know what I can do to improv
  3. "As a gentleman with apparently 30 award view(?)" you seem very arrogant & childish to respond like that. Anyway, a lot of people do not get that CM is a simulator, not a game. And no it's not an excuse, let me explain it. What you see on screen isn't what's happening in the simulator. There's a lot more going on than what's visible or known to the player, for example a bunch of soft factors such as "Experience, Morale, Leadership, and other elements operate at the individual soldier level and collectively transform how units behave", these factors go way deeper than you think, you
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