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  1. Hello Jan! I am interested in playing some combat mission with you. I have sent you an email.
  2. I was able to largely defeat the mission, hopefully the briefing is not lying about casualties not being a major factor, I am used to campaigns where if you take very many losses at all it snowballs so rapidly that you cannot complete them. I actually found the left flank to be very engaging to attack, its much more heavily defended than the right which is a complete push over. The biggest killer was actually the seemingly infinite German mortar ammo, which I think I was missing the spotting rounds since its such a huge scenario, and if you try to fight both sides at the same time its eas
  3. https://imgur.com/a/YY5i4Ie Here we have the exact opposite situation, and the behavior I had come to expect from playing on engine 3 for years. Fired up Fortress Italy to try out the new scenarios, and here the completely badass veteran american infantry have opened up fire with their rifles after spotting a prone German marksman at 250 meters through the trees. Of course there are no reverse slopes at play here, so its not at all related to the problems reported in this thread, just kind of funny after the frustrating morning I had.
  4. Yeah, and this behavior is super problematic in the absence of a grazing fire command. There are just situations where the game where you have to rely on getting enough guys into position to open fire on a spotted enemy to have any hope of actually gaining fire superiority, and if they wont open fire on their own on spotted enemies it super frustrating.
  5. Well the editor clears up that its not just fundamental to foxholes, there must be the combination of foxholes and lower elevation at play here. So at least in a perfectly flat perfectly open field they open fire! Its hard to see in the screenshot, but there are a stream of bullets coming in, the point was the guys are clearly on a reverse slope, being on the far side of the rail road berm. And its not your statement that irritates me, its these soldiers refusing to open fire on spotted enemies when they have LOS LOF and are in weapons range that is irritating me. When you combine the AI'
  6. I guess I am going to go learn how to use the scenario editor to explore this more, but I also swear it feels like given two squads in an open field one armed with kar98s the other with mosin-nagants, one will start shooting while the other will sit there.
  7. While I do have trunks only the pictured trees to not have foliage for the first 15 feet or so. Also, its a moot point, the squads can see each other. As you can see in the picture specifically the selected squad has spotted this specific enemy. Also, notice how all three soldiers in the squad are "Spotting" and not "Cowering" and they are not pinned. Their casualties and C2 should not be relevant, there is a German right there and they see him, and have LOF. And we are talking un-interrupted spotting for minutes without opening fire.
  8. No, he really doesn't. There is either something very wrong with the TacAI for the Russians, or prepared positions are broken. They do have line of fire, if you give the fire target order they open up just fine. And they wont open fire on their own even if you leave them there turn after turn, I tried. In the next scenario I am seeing the same behavior with a lot fewer trees, the Germans in foxholes and trenches will not be targeted by the Russian infantry without a direct target enemy order (and remember these are reverse slope targets so I can't give a fire position area). When you give
  9. Basically in the same situation in another title the squad would have opened fire, if you actually give the target order the whole squad opens up, suppresses the panzershrek, loses sight of them, and then does not start shooting again when he stands up. I really recommend anyone coming along not running version 1.0 of Red Thunder to just skip this mission. I remember playing it on release and it was significantly less frustrating. I think the density of trees on the map is really causing strange behavior, but as you can see in my picture and many other times, there is a very very clear line of
  10. I have been beating my head against the first mission of Hammers Flank since upgrading to engine 4, and I have just been having the damnedest time getting my infantry to actually engage the enemy. Unless I give a target area order (and even then its pretty dodgy with all these trees if they will ever pull the trigger) or close to within 50m my regular infantry squads just will not open fire. https://imgur.com/a/zzCAFMl Here I have had a squad stationary for almost 4 minutes now with this panzershrek team spotted the whole time, and they will only shoot if given a direct order, the en
  11. I was trying to play The Scottish Corridor, and I just cannot possibly complete the first scenario because of this bug. Whenever taking fire my guys, (and the Germans) bolt through their cover into the open, running directly towards the guys they were just shooting at. And then on-top of it I had another bug where my Churchill refused to fire on a wooden bunker which was behind a hedge with its main gun. It just sat there spraying the thing with both the hull and coaxial MG, without ever once firing a shell (before you ask no it was not on a target light order). After 10 minutes it hadn't kill
  12. I just "completed" this mission, running 4.02. The bridge is bugged for the Americans, after you blow the wire you cannot cross the bridge, or even step foot on it. I assaulted along the american side of the lock trying to kill enough germans to trigger a surrender, but they retreated behind the woods and out of view of my soldiers and I had to just wait out the extra time and then lose the mission despite completely breaking the defense. Very disappointing.
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