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  1. Interesting... the obstructiveness of destroyed vehicles isn't simulated quite right. Here's another thread where tank-rounds are going through the destroyed vehicles: As far as the soldiers themselves, this can happen sans-vehicle. The AI will sometimes do this with the attached grenade launchers so they do seem rather cavalier at times with their explosive content. Example: https://streamable.com/pthird I'm assuming they ran out of ammo and the AI prioritizes the target over reloading and ends up blasting a grenade round at pointblank. (IMO, the bigger poin
  2. I sense PaperTiger's aura in this post.
  3. IMO, sandbags and similar static defenses should be even easier to spot ...
  4. Patch what, exactly? Constructed defenses are very visible by design. There are still ways to obscure them and keep them in keyholes and the like, but if an attacker is just staring across the field it's not like a big stack of sandbags is going to go unnoticed.
  5. 500m+ is very, very far. Considering people who are shooting at each other are usually doing so from prone positions and/or behind cover, I can't imagine the targets to hit being particularly easy. My understanding is that they learned very quickly during WWII that such engagements weren't worth the effort. As the fire support tech got really advanced, it became extremely problematic for defenders to engage at such ranges. After all, if you shoot at someone at 500m, and that someone has a radio who can chit-chat with a guy who has a much, much larger gun than yours, or perhaps even an airplane
  6. Would it shock you guys to say I also have a video clip of ricochets causing casualties 😅 https://streamable.com/scffu2
  7. To clarify, I was speaking to CMx1 and that it as you say not modeled at all in CMx2.
  8. I believe CMx1 paid attention to speeds on muddy terrain? IIRC, it's not going around fast that prevents it, but going slow. If you go too fast in mud you actually grind yourself into the earth. If you're in a regular vehicle it's one thing to fly over mud with some momentum, but a tank is too heavy so you have to go carefully. That was my understanding, anyway.
  9. @Chibot Mk IXit's the caliber of the round. I frequently run into buildings being shot up for suppression and do not suffer casualties -- if I'm doing it with small arms. However, if you are shooting large caliber rounds then it can kill your own guys. .223, .30, etc. won't do it, but .50, I mean that's something that can punch holes in concrete. To prevent the above, give them a target arc so they're not opening up with your own friendlies in the firing lane. This is true of a lot of stuff. In one of my previous PBEM games I was the assaulting force in an urban enviro. Friendly fi
  10. If I have my troops in awkward, hilly positions where their profile is low and enemy armor is either on an even plane or downhill, I've seen tanks sail shots over their heads and generally have a hard time dialing it in. This is true in SF2/BS as well. However, I have noticed that if tanks have the higher ground they tend to be remarkably accurate with the shot placements.
  11. Same pathline, though a bit earlier as I rotated to CM with that demo it had back in I think 1999. I wanna say it was a on a PC Gamer disc, can't quite remember. Also wish CM shared Close Combat's eye for operational stuff. A Bridge Too Far's resource balancing was a particular favorite of mine.
  12. Displace/egress order would be nice. For PvP, it would be a massive buff for defenders. I think it would most benefit the irregulars from Shock Force -- imagine being able to shoot an RPG and then get the hell out of dodge ASAP instead of evaporating instantly in the face of BlueFor's reaction.
  13. Any particular favorite that sticks out, or maybe a campaign that had an awesome scenario or two?
  14. I'm glad I have so few hobbies 🤑
  15. Same. I've actually done it so often that I've started to recognize I'm in way too much of a hurry-up mode and will save the game to take it up another day. It's especially dangerous with the modern titles, because you can be having a clean sweep of a map, yet 60s of carelessness can end with one insurgent mowing down a full squad or something equally disastrous. Edit: the #1 reason for it btw is because I like the campaigns, so if I'm nearing the end of a mission I get in a rush because I want to see the next battle. So it's definitely a nod to those who design these maps that the
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