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  1. Smoke is very powerful for such occasions, though make sure to track the wind direction and deploy it accordingly.
  2. When running tests, you should also test things like running guys by IEDs with the spotters untouched; running by with the spotters at least suppressed/pinned 1x; running by with say another group in the spotter's vicinity killed off by attackers. See if anything causes the AI to drop the 'ball' in regards to activating IEDs; setup an AI plan adjacent to IED use. Kinda curious if car bombs are also used by AI. Edit: two scenarios that have heavy IED use if you wanted to test, Abu Susah SF2 The Shores of Tripoli
  3. As an adaptation, I've been using more "area" fire even if I can target directly. It's by no means a new tactic, but I just find myself utilizing it way more often. The objective now is to pin the person down indefinitely while other forces move to destroy them (if tanks/arty are unable). If you target the enemy directly then you often get this series of events: 1) Enemy receives fire, after about 15-30s they get pinned and duck down. 2) You lose contact of the enemy and stop shooting. 3) After 15-30s, enemy stands back up and starts shooting back. Rinse, repeat
  4. I wouldn't necessarily call keeping casualties low a "technicality" because it may have sound reasons for existing, but you're right that it makes maps considerably more difficult. In the modern games it's easy to get bushwhacked over one small mistake and have an entire squad wiped out in mere moments. I've not played Black Sea but 20% seems sorta low if both armies are modern ones. I'm assuming you're playing as Americans there, so it's probably trying to emulate that the modern U.S. army almost aggressively avoids casualties for military and political reasons alike. Collateral damage V
  5. Having a heavy machine-gun or some variant of it changes things, of course, but the pictures seemed to indicate he had 5.56mm scout squads and the like shooting at a hunkered target with "scoped rifles." The insinuation being that if we just shoot at the building long enough we'll eventually 'snipe' all the targets down. But if the guys inside are pinned and standing behind great cover, the probability of that coming true in a short period of time is pretty low. And more to your point, in the 2nd picture he says the guy in the building has an MG. That's even more incentive to move in and
  6. Why would small-arms fire be effective in killing people in buildings in the first place? Unless you can shoot through the material it's unlikely that your bullets will find targets, and even more unlikely when the enemy becomes pinned down. Your troops are basically shooting at a vague silhouette standing behind blocks of concrete. If you spend 9mins shooting at someone in a building, you probably could have spent 1-2mins doing that while simultaneously moving an element forward to properly destroy the target. Personally, I find buildings to be death traps if the enemy has explosi
  7. This is why I like missions that design for a bit of back and forth flow; such as beating back an attack in the initial moments, and then evolving into a counter-offensive where you have to go and then take objectives to close out the map.
  8. Sorry to necro an old thread, but felt it best to keep the 'literature' on the campaign in one spot. I had a question that maybe @Paper Tiger can help answer. These are the results of my campaign thus far: Mission 1 - US Major Victory https://www.twitch.tv/videos/726719104 Mission 2 - US Major Victory https://www.twitch.tv/videos/734166124 Mission 3 - UK Minor Victory https://www.twitch.tv/videos/739472085 Mission 4 - Draw https://www.twitch.tv/videos/746181765 I had to take a break due to life stuff but will be resuming the campaign soon. Before I sta
  9. Out of curiosity, what happens on Turnbull's stand if you succeed but don't inflict enough casualties? I destroyed all 3 vehicles, killed/wounded about 80 Germans and yet still did not get a checkmark for casualties inflicted. Will that affect future maps? It seemed to be that if you didn't cause enough damage you would lose anyway in the long term. Somewhat aggravating as blowing up 3 tanks and taking out 80 men is what I would considerable very considerable damage.
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