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  1. Thanks both for your input to my problem (and dedication on this forum!) Just to let you know I ended up wiping and rebuilding the laptop and now everything works fine. The issue is to do with some tweaks that HP do to the graphics drivers (intel and NVidia) that manages how they are used locally. I had updated my NVidia drivers to the latest version which had messed the HP tweaks up. The reason the DisplayLink box worked seemed to be because the monitor were running off the displaylink firmware which seemed to override the laptops settings Thanks again for your input
  2. I’m currently playing the mg out on a limb scenario and struggling to get an hq unit into position to observe calling in artillery (the coy’s mortars) to the enemy positions. I have tried approaching the wood line on hunt, hoping the unit would take cover as soon as it could see the positions and also on slow with them crawling until they could see it. On both occasions their target arc was set to 10m to ensure they didn’t open up and give away their position and they were over 200m from the nearest enemy. Both times however within 30 seconds the enemy spotted them and blasted away until they ran. Is there a knack to bring an HQ unit into LOS of an enemy position to call in fire without giving away their position perhaps a way of doing a slow hunt?? (I know it’s possible in the real world as I used to do it!)
  3. thanks for the advice all but still no joy. Schrullenhaft - answers are: - Initially ran on laptop - I've reinstalled with Geforce as the default but still same result. When it works on the monitor I have it set to primary with my laptop display as secondary. the DisplayLink Box hooks up via USB (when the monitor is hooked up via HDMI it doesn't work). I'm running CMBN and did try the preferences deletion - didn't make any difference. I've tried every setting to force the Geforce card to be used locally (everything is set to support max performance with the laptop ) but still struggling
  4. SO I am really struggling getting the game working with the GPU on my laptop . I have an HP Envy with integrated graphics card (intel UHD 620) and a separate Geforce MX150. on the laptop if I set it to play on integrated card the game runs but slowly. If I set it to play on GPU I get the splash screen, then that goes away and I just get the changed little green cursor but no screen. Tried all sorts of settings but nothing seems to work. What is even more perplexing/annoying is that if I attach a monitor via the HDMI cable I get the same response BUT If I attached a monitor via DELL displayLink box that I have then it all works fine with the GPU. I've checked resolutions and refresh rates between monitors and they are all set the same Can anyone help me work out why it only plays with the GPU via the display link box?
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