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  1. Gunner, PC, Fire fire HEAT. Says...gunner there's a PC over there, fire at it (with whatever is loaded) the second fire command is to the loader AND gunner. Loader what round to load next and for the gunner to index HEAT.
  2. Tried to change DPI settings. No avail. I had already messed with the 3D settings and they're currently set as you recommend. No luck. I will try to redownload just in case but as the same problem exists with FI and BN I imagine it's my system.
  3. They activated fine. I bought the bundles so its a single key. I have not delved into the NVIDIA control panel. I suppose thats prob what it is going to take but I have no idea where to start and wonder why some titles work and some don't.
  4. Things have finally slowed down enough that games are again an option. I got a new desktop...using a TV for video. All my games play at 1980x1080. Crappy Nvidia GTX 1660. RT, SF2 and BS fire right up. All the rest...FI, BN, SF2 and worst of all CW show a black screen and then CTD. Help! BTW new maps in F&R are awesome.
  5. The TRP may have gone unnoticed by the OP during setup. We don't need to go there.
  6. Situation: Infantry platoon defending a crossroad in rough terrain and about to be attacked with over whelming force. The platoon is toast, if they delay the attackers for 5 min after contact I will be happy. However their real task is to call a harassment mortar mission on the crossroads. My infantry are currently occupying the ground and there is an arty TRP in their midst. So my question: When is the best time to call for fire(on your own position w a TRP...don't ask how the situation came about)? Call early and delay until you think the position is going to be overrun? Wait till the last minute? Does the spotter have to be alive during the entire fire mission? As there is already a TRP is it better to have someone elsewhere call it in? Commander's intent is for the Inf to fight as long as they can and then have the survivors bail while a harassing mortar fire makes the enemies necessary travel through the area annoying for as long as possible. The mortar mission is the priority.
  7. I don't understand this. A target is reacquired for each shot.
  8. I play this game because it is the closest thing I have found to real combat. By far. I want it even better!
  9. Tanks do not default to 'looking ahead.' Every tank in the platoon has an assigned sector. When you see a group of tanks move tactically you will note 2 things: a) the guns of the tanks are covering at least a 270 degree field and b) tank turrets are constantly moving searching for targets within their assigned sectors. ETA: I have many many hours in M1 simulators. When attached to the Strykers all the tankers got sent to the sim center twice a year to maintain tank skills. I can recall our driver sighting a target exactly once in a hundred battles.
  10. The gun moves every round and the target must be reacquired.
  11. So, I am trying to perfect urban combined arms operations via QB on the rough water city map in RT. There is a copse of trees right in front of two massive industrial buildings which must be cleared. The trees make perfect cover for assaulting infantry. Well perhaps not perfect but SOME cover at least from the hordes of SMG gunners. Too bad you can't use it as a jump off position because the friendly tanks supporting the infantry are apparently amused by blasting trees instead of the buildings behind them and having the HE rounds go off in friendly infantry. Grr. Round after round. Let's take a moment to discuss main gun (or coax) optics. The primary sight is along the gun. If there is something blocking the round from hitting the intended target then it will be noted in the sight. In other words if my main gun round hits a tree it is because I aimed at the tree and decided to fire at it. A tank can fire through a forested area. There is either a clear line of sight to the intended target or there is not. If there is a clear line of sight the round will hit the target (or at least get close to it...these are primitive fire control systems after all) if there is not a clear line of sight the gunner will not take the shot. Possible exceptions to hitting trees would be firing from the move or damaged optics. However if damage caused the miss the tank will fire once before recognizing the issue not round after round. I like the way trees break up LOS irregularly. I don't like firing main gun rounds at unintended targets. That is all.
  12. I have to right click the application and tell it to run with my NVIDIA card otherwise it defaults to integrated graphics and looks bad. I have tried to set the video card as the default graphics but have not been successful to date. That's all the CMx2 titles. None of my other hundreds of games have this issue. That being said it is minor.
  13. Think about it. The communists followed sov doctrine and used their weapon systems. Not a terrible amount of work needed. UN forces (The big ones...ROK and US) use mostly US equipment which is already there. DLCs for continued revenue stream could be released for the various UN armies and/or TO&E changes over time. Hills, cities, villages, forests and rice paddies...rough and nasty infantry country. BF would be the only company making a real Korean War game (tactical anyway). The varied terrain. The multiple participants. Man it would be cool and a somewhat refreshing change from WW2! Chinese breakthroughs. US breakouts. ROK/DPRK desperate fighting at Pusan. The scenarios could be epic. *I may be biased as I spent several years in uniform there and eventually conned a young lady to followed me home a couple decades ago. She still won't go away.
  14. That quote caused me to look up the Begleit Bde. Bde commander has a day by day log. https://www.eucmh.be/2018/01/26/fuhrer-begleit-brigade-otto-remer-ardennes-12-1944-01-1945/
  15. There were no humanitarians on the Eastern Front.
  16. So Romania did or did not have forces in the field at wars end? ...hence fought to the end. I doubt there is a player here unaware of the general history of the ETO.
  17. Hungarians and Romanians fought to the end there MUST be a module for them! Interest displayed. Then you can work on the Japanese...
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