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  1. If cold war comes out any time in the next 6 Months I will eat my hat. Quite willing to eat something much worse than that to get it in my hands - so win - win from my perspective.
  2. So we are still on a beta build ? thought we had passed to RC ? Man this thing still seems weeks away...
  3. You obviously dont know the game. Graviteam games I like. But infantry in that is useless - massive slaughter everytime. you should understand infantry in CM behaves like infrantry and is good for the things infantry is good for.
  4. I thought I saw screenshots of them in one of the bone threads ?
  5. So confused - is it out ? got a processed status on order and saw somewhere no need to download ?
  6. Yeah and lets just be clear. that is a nazi apologists site. "If the German Army acted with absolute disregard for the Geneva Conventions of 1929 pertaining to prisoner of war (POW), the Allies, Soviet Russia, America and British acted little better." Like **** they did. Maybe the Russians gave little quarter - but to even suggest any kind of equivalence for the western allies is nothing but perverse. "It has been established that half of US documented accounts of WW2 are embellished as falsified lies, cover-ups to deviate from the truth of the horrific and despicable War Crimes comm
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