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  1. Sorry, I'm new and I didn't know about CM3, is it true? It will be released in the 2020?
  2. Thanks for running the site and the forum. Let me know if you need some help
  3. Hi all, I'm a new player willing to play the most interesting and hopefully balanced FB scenarios. The next on my list is "A Muddy Affair", comment on this one are good but it seems unbalanced (see The Blitz), and here the designer's comment: Driving your tanks out into the open fields in the Mud is risky. Cracking the defence of Singling is tough but doable, but may require multiple tries. As I Said in the notes, winning this one is something to brag about (PanzerMike) So, this will be my 4th PBEM and 6th game in general, if you are an experienced opponent I would suggest to lead the Germans, otherwise playing the Americans is perfectly fine. Thanks
  4. Thanks for the link, interesting topic. The Blitz site says that "A Muddy Affair" is one side but there are only 4 games reported so far. I love the topic and I remember a really fun ASL Singling mini-campaign, the American can win but needs very good skills, like in the CM one I guess. Anyhow I'm sold, it will be my next game!
  5. Just move the pointer over the numbers, a pop-up will tell you which side is first.
  6. @IanL Thanks for the link, and yes some scenarios have very few games to have a statistic significance. @Combatintman Great! One is too big for me (at the moment), the other one is on the list
  7. Hi all, I'm a new player and I'd like to play the best and balanced FB scenarios (official battles) against human opponents, what are your suggestions? Thanks in advance for anyone willing to share
  8. InaL thank you very much for your support, after reinstalling without anti virus everything works as intended!
  9. Thanks for your help IanL, no shortcut! I will try to install it again before to open the ticket. Edit: no luck, raised a ticket.
  10. Hi, I just bought and installed CM FB, unfortunately I'm not able to play it because I got this error message: License Failure: Game Engine 4 in required Please run the Activate New Product utility and enter the license key. The main screen say Game engine 4, version 2.02 If I click ok the game closed. Where is this utility? I have searched in the game folder but no luck. Thanks in advance.
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