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  1. Mate you're a genius, both ALT-Z, ALT-R were set as hotkeys within Radeon. Never thought of checking there, must've slipped in a while ago when I updated it.
  2. Shaders can be turned on / off through the options menu but I still need to sort out why I cant toggle the "visible command links" in any of my 3 titles anymore. (so FI and FB have them ON, BN on OFF)
  3. AMD. I want to turn the Shaders off but ALT-R (and ALT-Z) doesn't work on any of my titles for some reason.
  4. Hoping someone has encountered this before and can point me to a solution. Been sorting out my mods, but my hit decals mod on CMFI shows as a white blotch. Some searching landed me on a thread that said I have to Toggle the Shaders for it to show properly. Then I noticed that none of my titles (CMBN, CMFI and CMFB - all modules) respond to ALT-R or ALT-Z, no "Shaders OF/OF" message, no command lines appearing and dissaperaning as I punch the hotkeys. Any ideas? Edit: The rest of them works its just those 2.
  5. My bad - I didn't realize there's a R2V add-on I needed for the mod.
  6. Extract from the strings.txt file - can't even see a G41 - not sure where it is picking it up from?
  7. Need a little help from the modding vets please. Trying to fix this for CMFI, I'm using Juju's UI - I need to add a G41 to his weapon slot folders to get rid of the default green silhouette. But I need to find the exact name to give the image so that it shows up in game - searched the strings.txt file cant find it in there?
  8. Thanks. The force selector states "Air Controller" so have been searching in vane.
  9. I must be blind but I cant find an Air Controller in the Force Selection for the Germans?
  10. Just installed, ran CMFI once then uninstalled. I tinker with any settings.
  11. You Sir have just earned your Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds to go with your Iron Cross!!!! Tried Running the game one last time - No Dice. Installed Avast, game launches flawlessly. Reset and Shudown half a dozen times to make sure. Now here's the interesting bit - I removed Avast and still able to launch!
  12. Not yet unfortunately. I've got a ticket open as well - will post here if ever I find a solution. Which CM2 games you trying to run?
  13. CMFB launches directly. I'm on a Lenovo Ideapad 320
  14. Damned piece of partial hull down armor held up 4 Stugg's and 3 Panzerjager's before being forced to back off. The SOB is still lurking somewhere behind the tree line!
  15. Jup, just the one. No audio improving software that I'm aware of, just the base setup that came with the Lenovo.
  16. Strangest thing, this morning I was able to launch normally with the only change to my setup was allowing VLC to update. But sadly upon restart the issue returned. I took screenshots of the task manager processes while the game was "working" and compared it to the processes while "not working" and I cant see a difference between the 2, other than the CMFI.exe showing up in the one obviously. It's not showing up in the Task Manager at all, not even for a split second. Upon re-install neither the game nor the activation application would launch (blue circle, nothing). Ran the GSC
  17. @Schrullenhaft - Thanks will try and post the results.
  18. Bought the Big Bundle with all the modules so I only have the one license key.
  19. Thanks for the response, Added the .exe and folder to the Windows Defender exclusion list. Didn't help. Will have to double check with our IT guy at the office he ran the AV uninstall if he made use of a utility. Laptop - I've been through the blurry text issue when I first purchased so I know about the dedicated GPU profile adjustments to avoid it - that's not the issue through steam.
  20. Were you able to get it working? I've been having the same problem with CMFI for a few months now. CMFB works fine and up until a couple of months ago so did CMFI. I played my turn in a H2H game, quit and later in the day tried to launch the game for another turn but all I get was the blue windows spinning circle for about a second then nothing. Uninstalled and reinstalled probably 5 times with no effect. Then I managed to get it running a few times by either, 1. Running the .exe as administrator (worked for a about a week) 2. Moving / copying the .exe in and out of the dir
  21. Hi, Thanks for the guide. Just want to confirm is it only the "soldier state" section we need to update. I tried this for CMFI using the "soldier state" section from Vins CMFI201Heavy Mod and copying it line by line to the "exploded" original strings.txt but I still end up with unit names and equipment descriptions all messed up.
  22. This looks awesome - anybody have a download link for the portraits. Found a FI mod on CMMODS IV, looking for the RT one in this thread. Nevermind found it on the CMMODS III site.
  23. Jeez I'm a moron. Life saver - albeit it be for pixeltroopen. Thanks
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