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  1. More relevant to the discussion - the GPV 2027 (or 2020 for the time frame represented) procurement plan is a good guide is what is actually being built once you get away from the RT. Long story short, at the CM level the Russians are almost certainly over-equipped in game, even by state targets. The ground forces only get 14% of the budget, and even then a lot of that is being channeled into long range artillery , VDV rapid-deployment initiatives, and operational level systems - all of which might shape a scenario, but aren't immediately applicable to the CM map. The Russian tanker is fa
  2. The decision was actually born out of analyzing the Donbass. They found that armored battle taxis like BTRs had an unfortunate habit of ending up in situations they weren't "supposed" to be in, and when that happened the guy with a cannon won. Sometimes this was command ineptitude. A lot of time it was the reality that both sides are trying to kill each other very hard, and that is going to create situations where "APCs that aren't IFVs" are suddenly in direct combat. They also verified that light automatic cannon, even in limited quantities could strip the infantry off an armored attack
  3. Somewhat. To be clearer, it is less a "the US had this brilliant idea for deep shooting", which we see hinted at in the 30s by Soviet theorists, and then talked about in the 70s and 80s again, as it is "the US managed to put together the joint communications package, appropriate staff officers, right authorities, and tied it all to correct technology to make the day to day execution of it in quick turn arounds a reality" as opposed to having a substantially longer delay limited by either technological - or organizational - issues.
  4. Russian artillery has gone in a very interesting direction, organizationally. On the higher (read, division to corps equivalent) end, they've basically copied the US concept of a JAGIC cell - a dedicated hunting element who's job it is to use special purpose forces, drones, electronic detection and so forth to direct massive firepower onto prime targets via rockets and missiles, usually armed with cluster munitions and thermobarics. Depending on who's observations you take as accurate, the response time from detection to shooting is from 10-20 minutes. That is accomplished by directly lin
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