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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    A slight mix up between naming conventions used for roads in the modern games & the WW2 era.  That particular (CMBS) road has since been allocated for use within Bong-Hai's cities only.
    The rest of Bong-Hai gets a mix of CMA & WW2 roads. This is the same village today...

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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Lethaface in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    A movie I had taken from the CMSF2 remastered Dutch forces campaign. First mission, assault on the fortress:
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Lethaface in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    Dutch campaign, second mission.
    Also found recorded in Nvidia Shock Force video captures.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Lethaface in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    And, finally for now. Some more movies I recorded with Nvidia of the same mission.


    War is hell:
    And CV9035 BEAST:
    PS Although usually the CV9035 spends about 40 rounds taking out a single BMP-2 (and continues to put in 17+ rounds after it's target is on fire, or continues to pepper infantry with KETF after they've been observed dying), in this clip it somehow takes out 2 T-72s and only expands minimal ammo (hitting it in side and lower hull, stopping after penetrations have achieved desired effect).
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to MOS:96B2P in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    A task force composed of the Assault Ship USS Wasp adjusts course and picks up speed.

    The well deck of the USS Wasp is the scene of determined, professionals preparing for a rescue mission.
    A Stryker unit that had been training in the neighboring country also mounts up.    

    The call for assistance will be answered. 
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Lethaface in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    Nice Shots! @MOS:96B2P

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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Roter Stern in Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread   
    Abdul-Jalil and his battered T-72 - 1 part good position, 1 part unyielding AI plans:

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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    Well no Halloween release but, as any viewers of my channel are likely aware, the People's Militia campaign is ticking along well now.
    Indeed I'm hopefully not too far from entering the (dreaded) briefing writing stage.
    One of the scenarios was slated to be a simplistic conversion of the Will'o'Wisps scenario however I've dropped that conversion now (I'll probably just stick that in the single scenario content for 0.97) as I needed a more "brutal" scenario.
    As such I've decided to use a heavily cropped & (eventually) edited experimental map by @Combatintman...

    ...  the original was massive but this portion will load much more easily.
    The modpack itself has, for the most part, only seen rather subtle changes. An example of this is tailoring the geometric floating icons by @Vinnart for red vs red warfare during the Bong-Hai Civil War era & beyond...

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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    Still chugging along with work on 0.97.
    This "Tidbit" features a number of experiments (some worked, some need tweaking)...
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    This map is based off a CMA map ("The Hunt"), it is scheduled to be the location of the first mission of the "People's Militia" campaign (an armed robbery at night)...

    ... I'll probably end up adding more tree's.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    I've just finished the conversion of the @Paper Tiger map...

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    Aquila-SmartWargames got a reaction from badipaddress in The Road To Dinas campaign   
    The Road to Dinas campaign is definitely challenging but never felt unfair to me. Really enjoyed playing it in CMSF2.
    Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlUX4ALH7zTPkAVvavKY5EPepj5KWlgwJ
    I remember somebody reported that there might be core force issues with the dynamic campaign version in CMSF2 so I chose the linear version but can´t confirm wether this issues are indeed present or not.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames got a reaction from Vinnart in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    I´ve made some H&E forces preview videos:
    You can find additional H&E forces under recent videos.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Lucky_Strike in Lucky Strike's Mods: Hedgerow Hell   
    So ... I got a bit distracted after @Ithikial_AU suggested some burnt trees might be nice, started to think about modding the actual 3D models - the .mdr files that we've seen @Aquila-SmartWargames and @37mm amongst others change so radically and effectively. This was mooted some time back by a few of you and I said I would have a go at it once I got done with the textures. As my better half will testify I'm always a good one for moving on to the next project before finishing the current one, so I dove into Blender (more of a belly-flop than a pike 💦) at the end of last week. To cut a long story short, I started with the bocage (of course), I was on the cusp of giving up because I just couldn't get the files to export correctly with all my edits intact - think branches only, floating bushes, displaced bushes lah lah lah 😭🤪 Had one more go today and ... lo and behold - I present some subtly changed bocage:

    Can't spot what's different? In the middle, fewer bean poles - will please some of you - I certainly won't miss them, and some more, same again ...

    Here's a pic the actual Blender file ...

    You can just about make out the remaining bean pole branches outlined in orange, there are normally a dozen or so on a larger section of bocage, here we have about half that amount. I also removed a couple of leafy branches, just to see if it would work, they are gone in-game! 
    So what does all this mean - I don't know. It took me days to get this far. I can use Blender to make the edits I want, I don't really understand the whole process, why things happen or don't when I export files, but if I can make some edits that make even just the bocage look more natural then I will be one happy lapin.
    My plan is to make a fully edited section of bocage - more ragged, less or no bean poles, maybe some better branches and roots - then see how it looks in game. I have a few bocage textures to finish first though, so I can release the Hedgerow Hell mod - otherwise @3j2m7 will be knocking at my door demanding I release them 🥺.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to slippy in Looking for Revised Road To Montebourg   
    Thanks Erwin and Aquilla, much appreciated 👍
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Sgt.Squarehead in Looking for Revised Road To Montebourg   
    Many thanks.....Any idea what the differences between this and the original are?  Or is it just a re-tweak for game engine/patch reasons?
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    Aquila-SmartWargames got a reaction from Sgt.Squarehead in Looking for Revised Road To Montebourg   
    The Road to Montebourg revised.cam can now be found in my Dropbox:
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Heaven & Earth: Project discussion thread   
    I've been having numerous hardware issues these past few weeks but I did manage to scrape together the first draft of another H&E conversion...
    ... no prizes for guessing who made the original.
    The patch seems to be working well with the less than crack troops & various types of strange terrain features*... I will have to update the scripts text file again though (anybody using 0.96 will have to delete the scripts file if they've patched up).
    *We speculated that the flooded ditches effect might have been a bug however you only seem to get that effect if the underlying terrain is particuarly damp (muddy or marshy)... so it does seem to be a terrain design feature.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to Probus in Informal Poll Winner - Engine Update   
    I have a feeling a Vietnam game may still be a pretty raw subject for older US wargamers.  More because politicians dictated rules of engagement that were ridiculous (bordering on criminal), that the Army/Air Force had to follow.  The war would have been over so much quicker with so much less loss of life on both sides if the politicians weren't calling all the shots.  I was just a child at the time.  My dad and my wife's dad were both involved with the war.  I didn't really get angry until well after I was older and understood what RoE was.  I cannot imagine the level of frustration that was felt by our military folks.
      The only thing I can think of that is similar, in my lifetime, is the situation that caused the "Blackhawk Down" in Somalia.  When I found out that our troops were denied the armor they requested to stay safe(ish-er) and do the peacekeeping job I about blew a gasket.  I couldn't watch the movie for years because it would make me angry just thinking about it.
      I imagine there are still a lot of non-US players who would love to have access to both scenarios.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to BarendJanNL in GILL ATGM is broken   
    Unfortunately not, it was just a quick test to see if they would work properly. Two factors that may have influenced the effectiveness of the Gill I can imagine are:
    - High ground vs low ground, with low ground launches resulting only in overshoot, and high ground resulted in succes.
    - The enemy units were placed directly at the edge of the map, so maybe that could be a factor why the Gills failed?
    Still have the question of how the Gill would do against the Javelin, as they are from a similar timeframe and use the same guidance for as far as I know.
    Anyhow, looking forward to @Aquila-SmartWargames ' play of the 'Back on Tracks' campaign to get more insight of how the Gill functions after the patch.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames got a reaction from BarendJanNL in CM Shock Force2 v2.03 patch has been released.   
    Great, the Dutch campaign can begin.
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    Aquila-SmartWargames reacted to 37mm in Battlefront Poll   
    Almost every scenario & campaign ever made for CM (even officially) are semi-historical at best... do not overestimate the historical accuracy of the computer game that you play.
    I suspect far more people play CM because of the decent 3D graphics & sound (for a wargame), fairly realistic physics &, at least plausible, infantry behaviour than they do because of accurate OOB's... if BFC decided to go back to TACOPS style graphics for CMx3, but increase the OOB accuracy, I can certainly imagine that it would hurt sales.
    Heaven & Earth is a fantasy & although, technically, the modded aspects are graphics & sound mods only it also comes with unique maps, concepts, content & unit compositions... it very often requires a different playstyle & mindset compared with CMSF2.
    Either way, it was the best that could be done given the modding limitations. Some of us have been waiting almost twenty years for CM-Vietnam (or CM-WW1) and not everyone has survived that wait.
    A lot of what was done could only have been done with the help of people like @sbobovyc & @Aquila-SmartWargames making & figuring out how to use the modding tools... which I think is part of the point.
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