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  1. Didnt know the M4A1 carbine was being trialed on the Italian front in ww2 The more you know 😏
  2. Ive removed all the mods and the gun sounds in the game still disappear after the 5 minute mark, though the weird text has disappeared
  3. I'm not sure whether this is a problem with the game or not, I've only got a couple of uniform mods installed, but whenever I get 5 minutes into a game this happens to the all the game screens ( I just happened to choose the ceasefire screen but loading becomes this wierd highlighting bazooka) and all the weapon sounds in the game just stop working (I'm not running any sound mod) and I can't access anything at all and have to leave the game. This is after I bought both the base game only yesterday and the Battle Pack and that same day my credit card got hacked so its either a coincidence or
  4. for anyone here that owns a Mac do they have the issue of the sounds in the HQS mod being delayed and going out of sync, especially for infantry?
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