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  1. Do you have something similar to MOS´s TOC for CMBS in mind where its up to the player to decide how he uses his resources in order to respond to emerging threats on a big map? I don´t think focusing on one map or your idea in general is boring. I´d say go for it 🙂👍
  2. In my first attempt I´ve tried a similar approach and almost all of my vehicles got bogged and immobilized 😭😂
  3. Hello Ridaz I am a bit late to the party. My account is pretty new but I am no stranger to this place and there are certain reasons why I never was too excited to get a forum membership. Some reasons and individuals we could definitely find in your thread but lets get to the topic 😀. I´ve digged into your idea and to be honest it sounds very interesting. I can´t (and won´t) speak for all of us like others here that think they´re godsent to speak for all of us. But while we at it lets us think his objection through: He states the community dismisses a campaign idea because its surrounding
  4. I didn´t know that this is a concern. We created testing scenarios with huge regiment-sized forces including tons of all module´s units simultaneously and it worked like a charm for us. I understand that it may can cause trouble for some people with older computers however. The more important fact is that it would require lot of coding work. In my opinion having QB mix forces isn´t that important and I agree that there are definitely better things to spent development time on. But please do not remove Syrian air support like one proposed here. Even while we should consider Syrian Air
  5. Seeing the Starstreak would be fantastic but it requires alot of work and I don´t think the NATO countries that come without AA use them. Perhaps there is an easier solution without the need to create new weapons. The mission editor allows to purchase from every blue or red faction at the same time. I think having something similiar for quick battle "service selection" tab would be great: Extra options called "ALL BLUE FORCES" or "ALL RED FORCES" could be added to this service tab allowing quick battle players to purchase multibranch or multinational forces. The player then could purchase
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