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  1. Congratulations, I think this is great. Patching process should be easier too, I like Steam auto updates. Now, if you would upgrade your graphics engine to something modern and added Steam workshop support, you would have no competition. CM2 would become The Wargame on Steam.
  2. New player here as well. I practice using quick battles and just replay some scenarios over and over Happy to PBEM if you want, msg. me.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys! So, I've tried to sneak behind the ridge of the non-mosque hill and that worked. Sneaked in, positioned etc.. The Reds decided to occupy mosque and shot me from there instead of staying at the hill. LOL. I have a couple of other ideas, but might get a break from this one - getting a bit of tunnel vision. ps. I do grab the Panzerfausts. Never leave your house without one.
  4. Yeah they are BTRs with 14.5mm, of course. Thanks for the tips, I'll try this tactics, and will try it in RTS mode as well.
  5. So being new and naive I thought I'd play some short scenarios to teach myself. Enter "NATO Stolz von Bayern". Approx time to finish 10 minutes. I've spent around 4 hours on it, playing as a blue, turns, veteran. Results - getting my ass kicked, repeatedly. Trouble is a very high concentration of red troops in overwatch/concealed positions, they have BMPs which has a MG which smokes German Fuchs for breakfast. So, I need to rely on Panzerfausts. Trouble is that a) BMPs shred my anti tank units quicker than I can kill them. b) there is one immediate overwatch position available for Bl
  6. Yeah. 15% CPU is approx one core, you know what I am about here
  7. My FPS range anywhere between 20 and 3000 FPS Good news about gfx engine. Hope they make it. There is nothing else out there like this game.
  8. To be honest I hope they don't work on a new engine. Unless their simulation code is somewhat tightly coupled with rendering engine at low level, it would be a waste of time. Licensing Unity/Unreal would cost less. There are available technologies like Speedtree which make things much easier/faster. What is probably an obstacle is that code base is quite old and only a few people know it well enough to port it to modern tech. Btw the game uses about 15% of my CPU on average and about 20% of GPU. Anecdotal data, if I have time I'll do proper analysis for fun. The plus is it should run
  9. Yes, I have done what I could to make it look ok. Still, I forget about looks when I play it By the way, simulation is not the problem here, it's underperforming gfx engine. When I don't, I can imagine how much more popular that game would be if it would be brought to current standards and I am not really talking about AAA quality here.
  10. As a new player to the series, I really appreciate the depth of the game and AI behaviour. UI is really neat too, it's fun to use. However, I find performance and overall look of the game off putting. The 3D models of the armour are decent to very good, but terrain, especially lighting and shading is something which is grossly outdated and not up to the even low end modern standards. The game performs badly and there is really no technical excuse for that by looking what and how things are rendered. AI and pathfinding definitely takes some processing power, but on modern even mid-end ha
  11. Having all games on one platform like DCS would be great, but I understand it could be difficult. I am new here btw, hello everyone.
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