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  1. I found it thank you!!! Were getting 2 feet of snow tonight so a great time to game
  2. Thanks for the quick response as always sburke. Went to the folder and did not see activate new product shortcut - see attached.
  3. I have CMSF2 base game plus the Marines module have been enjoying it the last 6 weeks. Just purchased the UK module and received the email with the activation code. No link to enter the activation code. Does it take a while? Definitely not in spam
  4. So from the website I purchased CMSF2 plus Marines bundle for $80 - never CMSF1
  5. I have never owned CMSF1 is that my problem? I have many of the other CM games but am a newbie to CMSF and just purchased CMSF2 Marine bundle for the first time.
  6. A tad frustrated myself. Purchased CMSF2 Marines bundle. It installed although I did get an error during the installation. Open the icon on my desktop to play and for a split second it appears to open and then nothing. Looked in the folder and the 'Data' file is empty. I installed CMSF2 demo last week and it runs great have been playing it.
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