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  1. Simple post, to hopefully keep your spirits up going into the Christmas season and dealing with all the post-launch issues Thank you Have a good day
  2. I'd bet exactly 0 dollars that it might be Nov 30
  3. I was on an exercise with my local reserve unit (I live near Vancouver BC) and I was hanging out with some infantry guys and they said that if they ever went to war with Russia the plan was to sit on our side of a hill, wait for the tank to roll across, then shoot it in the ass and kill it, then get killed by dismounted infantry. So that pretty much sums up our AT capabilities. (I have however drafted a plan to get enemy tanks stuck in pads of stale maple syrup yet to be approved from the DOD)
  4. tis' what happens when you have half of what NATO recommends as your military budget, but... we do have that free healthcare
  5. I haven't played the original CMSF and for my pre-order of this version, I bought the base game + British combo I was simply wondering what the Canadian forces in this game consist of and what their missions are based around, I know in real life we did similar jobs as the Americans in Afghanistan so I wonder if the playstyle is much like the other western nations just less of. Anyways, any info on the composition is much appreciated
  6. What's so bad about releasing things on holidays? I saw the CM team was saying they really don't wanna release SF2 on this Christmas either
  7. Now just to start this off obviously this is just my experience with the CM games Whenever I play CM games whether it's the brutally bloody modern games or the slightly more lax slow paced (in my opinion) WW2 games I seemed to find myself getting extremely stressed out, even when things are going smoothly, for example when I'm making a plan I find myself plotting out every possible keyhole, murder hole, possible ambush spots etc. This leads to me spending somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour before even starting the mission. Maybe this is just me but I recently sourced all the stress a
  8. So I played Combat Mission BoM and recently preordered CMSF2 and I've dabbled with the Black Sea and other demos. I have 2 main questions (or points I need advice on) in pretty much every mission I lose a good portion of my armoured vehicles, now if it were like 1 APC I forgot to track or whatever not too bad, but when I lose the entire tank troop in breaking the bank I think I'm doing something wrong, so yea any pointers on that would be lovely, secondly much shorter question is should I try to keep my platoon size elements together? again citing breaking the bank I was debating between using
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