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  1. go check the uk battle in CMSF2 and create a highly urbanized battle in CMBS
  2. I already tried the CMBS settings on the CMSF2. The results are still far from each other. The heavy lag that I'm currently experiencing didn't improve in the CMSF2
  3. Yeah I got it that the game engine lags behind to modern standards. I'm just concerned when things go happen in an highly urbanized area which I experienced heavy lags in CMSF2 which makes it unplayable and it uses the same engine as the CMBS. And yes im planning to buy that but I'm still making my mind regarding to that issue. Its a very ambitious game though. Far more realistic than most games out there. So its kinda frustrating that im having trouble buying their new game because of this issue. The firing back thing and minor stuttering can be acceptable as long as the game is playable.
  4. Now I got it, its just that their ak's range are more behind that cover thats why they are firing back.
  5. Im still trying to adjust to my sweet spot I think it only has minimal improvement for that matter. Can the game engine itself be responsible to this? for being unoptimized?
  6. That large maps with alot of units includes the training map? because I'm experiencing frequent stuttering on mine on the training map and my fps avg is about 20 to 35fps have you ever tried the demo of CMSF2? theres a map there urban densed area where I experience serious stuttering while panning the camera even on Medium settings well my specs is way above the system reqs of both games. Intel core i7 4790, gtx 1060 6gb, 16gb ram, 1tb sshd.
  7. I bet that You're in a hurry that time lol. Aside from that, do you experience fps drops ingame or stuttering while panning the camera? Whats your average fps ingame and video settings?
  8. What about the firing back of training targets on mission 1 and 2?
  9. Yeah I became harder when I experienced CTD on mission 3 of the campaign mission. I already experienced that twice same mission.
  10. Yeah, that's the lesson on the tutorial. its just that the game seems to to be doing what its supposed to do like not fire back especially when experimenting or trying all the commands both infantry and armor
  11. Nah. It its the first mission of the training campaign
  12. Well I'm just new to CM that's why im playing with different commands. I'm just distracted of them firing me back hahahahaha. Actually I didn't notice that at first because I was busy with my armored units then my lieutenant died.
  13. Im new to the game and watched the tutorial video of combat mission black sea. I know that the targets on the first mission should not fire back. When I bought the game and run it for myself, I noticed that my squads are pinned. I realized then upon looking on the target range that the infantry targets are moving and firing. How's that so?
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