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  1. yep, have that all the time with Bradleys firing in trees and hills killing friendlies.
  2. Hi All, I'm playing through the CMSF2 campaign again and my artillery is not very effective. Could you spare some tips and tricks how to use it efficiently? I tried flushing enemies out of buildings with 120mm mortars but they couldn't be bothered neither with "General" rounds nor "Armour" rounds. Aircraft bombs seem to work well but there are not many available. Since the enemy likes to occupy the ground floor multi story buildings become bunkers hard to crack. Also what is an effective range for infantry squads and machine guns?
  3. OMG why would you run vehicles deliberately through a mine field?
  4. Forget the mines. All you need to do is drive your tanks up the berm and shoot the **** out of the enemy. Move you scouts on the berm and plaster the enemy with artillery. That is all to finish this mission. You don't even need to dismount your infantry. Not the best designed mission in the campaign I think. Unfortunately it is the very first one. Generally don't try to disarm mine fields. Your engineers are not particular good at it. It is always better to go around minesfields instead of trying to disarm them.
  5. In the 1st screenshot of "Breaking the bank" have you checked if there are actual doors between the room your troops are in and the room they are supposed to move to? THis is very easy to miss especially with two building right next to each other like in that screenshot. If there are no doors then the AI would run all the way down, exit the building run to the entrance of the other building and all the way up.
  6. That is interesting. My memory might fool me but I can't remember having a bogged vehicle in CMSF1. I checked the CMSF1 manual and it does not mention such a feature. Was that patched in at a later stage?
  7. SF1 did not have the "bog feature" and I really don't mind it if it wouldn't screw up the remainder of the campaign. The mission summary screen tells me I didn't loose any vehicle yet in the next mission my guys have to walk. That is why it looks like a bug. It is a totally arbritrary way of taking out one of your units just because of "**** you". If that is how it is intended well then so be it.
  8. This is from the game manual, section "Ground conditions, bogging and immobilization": When issuing Movement commands, keep in mind the ground condition that you want to order a unit to move over. All vehicles are rated for Offroad performance. To some degree better quality crews lessen the chance of bogging. However, if you order a non-tracked personnel carrier to move across a muddy field the best crew in the world won’t likely help you out much. [...] Bogged vehicles display a “Bogged” marker in their unit panel, and are not able to move. Bogged units attempt to un-bog th
  9. As far as I am aware the "bogged" status can appear when moving wheeled vehicles over sand surfaces. The "bogged" status then can turn into "immobilized" to simulate that the wheels dug themselves in and the vehicle can't free itself. Why would there be any extensive damage to critical components like the engine? This feature is alright to add some tension to the mission. Forces you to adapt but taking out the vehicle for the remainder of the campaign is just bloody annoying. It is an arbitrary unit loss without any influence from the player.
  10. One thing I find very annoying is that when a vehicle gets bogged and then immobilized it becomes unavailable in all next missions of the campaign although it does not count as a destroyed vehicle. Had a stryker bogged and immobilized on the very first mission of TF thunder in the very first turn. So that vehicle was lost for the remainder of the campaign. I'm sure someone would bring a shovel when going to war.
  11. Yes, I had that too on the 1st mission of the TF Thunder campaign with multiple dug in Syrian tanks. On other missions it worked alright though so maybe the glitch is mission related.
  12. So what to do in the first mission of TF thunder if there is no safe way to remove those mines at the choke point? Just send the strykers through and hope the best?
  13. How many activations per key are allowed? I think CMSF1 you could have 2 installations per key.
  14. It is in the demo's installation folder. Here is my example: C:\Games\Combat Mission Shock Force 2 Demo\Game Files\Saved Games
  15. Well, the issues with the surrendering troops definiitely are annoying. How many times have I ordered my troops to target the enemy to find out they surrendered already. It is more annoying than adding any substantial gameplay. If there would be any feedback through the GUI it would be a lot better experience.
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