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  1. I am wondering about that issue too. An answer is appreciated. Thx!
  2. In spite of our discussion I will reconsider about my first sentence, of course. Since I purchased the base game from a reseller and later on the 3 modules bundle at BF store, it might be required to purchase the 2 different upgrades to prevent logic issues when trying to activate the new licenses. Thx for your contribution!
  3. Basically I agree with that, but you should recognize, that each offered delivery option includes digital download too.
  4. There is only one version I will purchase and that is the Big-All-Inclusive-Bundle. Everything about this matter has been discussed already with the staff. There is only one simple question remaining, which I already formulated by myself (page 13): If I purchased the digital download version of CMSF#1 products only (base-game from reseller; all modules from BF), am I entitled to upgrade to a CMSF#2 version with disc and/or manual? This question trustworthy can only be answered by the staff, I guess. Thx for the effort!
  5. Finally we are getting closer to the essentials! Thing is, that all extended delivery options from the dropdown menu already include extra charges. So I consider it obvious, that it was intended, that people could also upgrade the kind of delivery volume. So I just need to know, if I concluded correctly or otherwise if the kind of delivery has to correspond with the one of the initial purchase of CMSF#1.
  6. Sorry, but that statement is incorrect. On page 12 I noted that I own all the modules. Furthermore my question about a different delivery option can only apply for the base-game or packages including the base-game, because the modules themselves are only available as digital download. The point about your last sentence has been clearified already by Admin on page 12. So yes, I will need to consult the helpdesk after upgrading in any case. The (still) remaining question about the delivery options can most probably only be answered in an obligatory manner by a corporate member. Althoug
  7. Hm, your statement at least does not match with the present upgrade-store, where you can select between 4 delivery options for different prices. In fact, I bought the base-game of CMSF ONE from a reseller. That does not mean, that I assume that CMSF TWO was available from any resellers too. But on the contrary I am currently trying to figure out all the requirements and opportunities to upgrade my complete CMSF ONE products here at BF.
  8. Sorry, but there seems to be a misunderstanding regarding my first question. I actually didnt ask about purchasing the base-game and modules as package or seperatly. My point was to learn about the delivery options. So if someone purchased the digital download version of CMSF#1 products only, is he entitled to upgrade to a CMSF#2 version with disc and/or manual? I bought the retail version of the base-game at GG and there wasnt any improved version available. Thank you!
  9. If purchasing the big bundle upgrade, is it required to select the very same delivery options as I did for CMSF 1 products or is it possible to upgrade this as well? I got the the base game from gamersgate and all the modules from BF store, so I assume I´d need to use the helpdesk in order to perform the upgrade, right?!
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