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  1. Have made no changes since the roll back and everything has been stable and the game remains at max settings. Honestly I just want to play the game after being away so long so happy at the moment but you are spot on with the question about the future.
  2. As someone away for many years (CMx1 BO/BB) the progress, the scope change of titles etctera is remarkable. Truly thankful that the developers and the community at large have stayed with it. Kudos all around. It all feels familiar but new at the same time ‼️
  3. Well the rolling back of the driver worked! Played solo, no problem and just completed a small map with my brother on the net, perfect. Thanks to everyone for an absolutely terrific thread. Lots of ideas discussed and good feed back. Worth noting that after I rolled back the driver the custom NVidia profile was reset. I did not update so in the end, at lest in my case, it had no impact.
  4. My brother & I just back to CM after 7 or 8 years, was really enjoying ourselves until game started crashing. This morning installed the changes recommended on Lethaface post. Helped but no cigar. Will try the older drivers. Disappointing as it is really a great game (you all know that) but an even better way to connect with my brother. Will report back results.
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