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  1. This is dope I've been wanting to play black sea again for awhile an this comic has finally gotten me back in. Thanks for the great work bud.
  2. These are really good man I love how they are short enough to digest in one sitting and super clear about the context of the engagements in the scenario. Good Job Man! Love em' Can't wait for more
  3. Also a nonspecific tip that helped me get better at combat mission, after I finish a scenario I think back and try to pick out what mistakes I made so that I am aware of what I am doing wrong. It really helped me think more tactically, and get rid of bad habits from other RTS games I played. e.g. moving men up without recon or support.
  4. I had the same problem a few months ago I just uninstalled a reinstalled and it fixed it. Of course that was with the full game so it might not fix it for the demo
  5. WILL WORK FOR FREE CM GAMES不 Yeah I've been thinking this ever since I started playing combat mission. After final blitzkrieg before I joined the forums I was pretty certain BF went out of business Lucky I saw their post about shock force 2 by chance when I was looking for mods otherwise I wouldn't even know it was coming out. However I would just credit that confusion to me being an idiot. In the end is their business and i'm fine with however they choose to run it because their products have given me hundreds of hours of entertainment so far and most likely hundreds of hours in the future.
  6. Hell sounds like they just need a PR guy who will work for free不 Yeah I get the frustration here not feeling much of it myself, but it's hard to be patient when your young excited and new to something. I say this as someone who is young excited and (relatively) new to combat mission. I trust people on the forums who have clearly been around BF longer than me and are saying a missed release date isn't something to get all worked up over with a game like this. Eventually the game will be out and we will all forget all the insane hype and just be happy with the amazing product. In the mean time I'm still pulling for a September 30 11:59:59 release for the demo.不
  7. I had one in my old journal Ill have to dig it up tomorrow and get back to you. that is if I can decipher my own handwriting不
  8. I personally really enjoyed the Marines campaign especially the first couple of missions, which are a naval landing, I also am a huge fan of the marines APC( I forgot what it's called). The thing I enjoyed most about playing all the DLC in shock force one is that they painted a picture of the fictional large scale operation going on in the game. I remember when I first played the game I would look through and find the Dates of each of the missions in the campaign and play through in chronological order(this was a huge hassle) . I also like playing as the NATO forces because they all used Leopards which I think is a really awesome tank.
  9. I'm still kind of hoping that the demo comes out at exactly 11:59 PM on September 30th.不
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