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  1. I download a map off fewgoodmen. i'm trying to active it i have the z folder so where do i put the maps off the website
  2. thank you for helping me though the steps and everything else you guys have been a great help me through all my proubles with this
  3. it not blocked anymore but my purchase has failed though
  4. i don't know why my account is for. i just bought combat mission BFN then went to the area where you sign in then i clicked login after that it said your account is temporary blocked.
  5. i have a question about making maps for quick battle. Is it possible to save a map that i made in editor to be use for quick battle.
  6. i was looking at the editor. i noticed that for Syrian unconventional forced that there was 2 combatant and fighter then i went to quick battle and there is only inf only why cant i use technical and the rest of the vehicles they have.
  7. i made a custom battle with aircraft. I heard it coming in but i didn't see it.
  8. i was playing scenario editor is there any way to make fog of war.
  9. also how to use the upgrade command combine squad thanks
  10. i have question can you change where you email it to
  11. first question is how to combine squads second squad why cannot i change different months some are lock why is that i thought when you buy the upgrade you would the other months third question in quick battle the different camo is locked why is that forth what will happen to the pre ordered shock 2 will i get a download code to my email or what
  12. how to use the combine command i tried it when in battle but i was grey why is that also why cannot i try use different months and clothes
  13. i did hit play but all the stuff that way supposed to give is not there why
  14. i downloaded the files the the upgrades. i then put them in each of the correct files then what do i next.
  15. thanks for your help sorry for being so difficult
  16. now i have a question what is the difference between full and windows update on share file for the upgrade do i need both
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